I’m Lillo, the protagonist: “I’m happy to give space to new talents like Lundini and Fanelli”

Interview with Lillo and Eros Puglielli, protagonist and director of the Sono Lillo series, on Prime Video. Lillo has a mission: to kill Posaman.

We’ve seen it many times: Anthony Perkins trying to get rid of Norman Bates, the psychopathic protagonist of Psycho by Hitchocock, Daniel Radcliffe is so anxious to leave the wizard Harry Potter behind that he kisses a horse on a completely naked stage (in the play Equus): in this case it is Lillo Petrolo that he wants to get rid of Posamancharacter who depopulated in the first edition of LOL – Whoever laughs is out. There Prime Video series I’m Lillo tells exactly this desire: to abandon a catchphrase to do something else.

I'm Lillo 09

I’m Lillo: The protagonist in a moment of the Prime Video series

From January 5 on Prime Video, I’m Lillo starring Lillo: abandoned by his wife Marzia (Sara Lazzaro) because he is too immature, the comedian decides to change. No more Posaman and his poses: we need to move on to something more serious. His agent, Sergio (Peter Sermonti), does not agree at all: if something works why change?

But Lillo, stubborn, really wants to move on. Improbable figures such as Agenor (Paolo Calabresi), who gives very wrong advice to many aspiring comedians, and criminals. In I’m Lillo there are also many new talents of Italian comedy, such as Valerio Lundini, Emmanuel Fanelli and Stephen Rapone. Directed by Eros Puglielli, the series consists of eight episodes, premiered at Rome Film Fest 2022. That’s where we met Lillo and the director.

I am Lillo: interview with Lillo and Eros Puglielli

Sono Lillo, the review: the first series of Lillo is also the first of Posaman

I’m Lillo: Posaman as Birdman

I'm Lillo 03

I’m Lillo: Posaman in a scene from the Prime Video series

I’m Lillo has an illustrious precedent: Lillo’s conflictual relationship with Posaman recalls that between the character played by Michael Keaton and the superhero Birdman in the homonymous film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Did the actor ask them for advice to prepare for the series? “Yes we asked. But they didn’t answer us: we sent several emails but they didn’t answer even one. At that point we had to shoot anyway!” Lillo told us laughing.

I’m Lillo in Rome 2022, Lillo: “I am convinced that the Avengers are among us but the government hides them”

I'm Lillo 10

I’m Lillo: A scene from the Prime Video series

In the series, Calabresi’s character gives completely inappropriate advice to various comedians. Apparently the actor also happened to receive some: “It happens! I find the unawareness of that character wonderful: he has no talent as a comedian! But despite everything he feels authoritative on the subject. We are full of people dispensing advice they shouldn’t be giving. He is a very frequent character. I have met many like him“. For Eros Puglielli: “More or less unknowingly these characters want to destroy you. They want you to die!

In I’m Lillo instead there is a whole team of new comic talents, to which Lillo hasn’t been afraid to give space: “I love the new generation of comedians. I think, as a mature comedian, it’s important to glorify young people you like. Because the future of comedy is in their hands. Lately there are many young talents that I like: definitely those who are in the series! But there are many others too. For me, having been doing this job for the past 30 years, it’s nice to see new talent doing things that I really enjoy“.

I’m Lillo, the protagonist: “I’m happy to give space to new talents like Lundini and Fanelli”