“I’m scared to death”: The chilling reactions left by the new chapter of “The Least Thought Day”

If there is a program that knows how to sow terror and mystery, it is “The less thought day”, or at least that is what viewers have shown in Twitter.

The chapter calledThe Round of the Children” left more than one fan of TVN with the creeps because it is based on real events. It all happened in the year 2000 in the commune of Penalolen.

“The Least Expected Day” | What was the episode about?

The story begins by showing a family, who as the chapter progresses begin to experience a series of strange and paranormal events inside their home.

According to what was shown on the screen, the objective was to break the peace that existed in all the members of this clan.

But what is behind each of these phenomena? The answer is a book of possibilities, which even left viewers coming up with their own theories regarding this episode.

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The reactions left by this chapter of “The Least Thought Day” on Twitter

Throughout the program, as always, netizens left their opinions as the paranormal events occurred.

Below we have compiled a list with the best reactions of the episode “The Round of the Children”:

A big applause, great performance of the boys and girls as ghosts”, started thanking a tweeter.

Moral: don’t leave kids alone”, commented another viewer.

It looks like an Asian horror movie”, “It’s the chocarrero spirits”, “So far, the best episode of the new season of The less thought day“, “A big Nelson Brodtclassic actor of the plots of TVN”, “How cool that the real protagonist of the story appears, makes it even darker” and “Psychopath the teacher” are other reactions that can be read in Twitter.


“I’m scared to death”: The chilling reactions left by the new chapter of “The Least Thought Day”