Indefensible: A case of criminal negligence that makes react

Thursday night’s episode ofIndefensible will certainly have shocked more than one.

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Indeed, on the air for only a week, Indefensible is already the series everyone is talking about, and its plots have a lot to do with it.

Thursday’s final episode of the week was one straight out of a parent’s worst nightmare.

The said episode ended with the macabre discovery of the dead child of the character played by Benoit Drouin GermainDavid Blackburn.

Struggling with a day of work full of stressful situations, David Blackburn unfortunately left his child in his car for an entire day, in the winter weather conditions that we are experiencing. It wasn’t until he was trying to defrost the exterior windows of his vehicle, several hours later, that David realized what he had done.

We can therefore suspect that this new case will give our favorite criminal lawyers a hard time and will certainly make viewers react.

Moreover, on the Facebook page ofIndefensiblethe public is already giving its comments following the terrible events:

“I was sure of it from the start of the show. A situation that can unfortunately happen to anyone in my opinion, ”launched a viewer.

“That’s exactly what I thought when he arrived at work: he didn’t bring the child to the babysitter,” said another.

“The big chills! 😭😭 Phew”, spoke a lady.

“I was sure that was what was going to happen. Being a young mother and pregnant with my second, my heart is in pieces to see this 🥺💔 ”, added another viewer.

Then, following a tweet from Charles Lafortunewhich asked the public’s opinion on the first week of broadcast ofIndefensibleseveral expressed their interest in the series:

It will be very interesting to see what happens next.

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Indefensible: A case of criminal negligence that makes react