Is Ghostface from Scream really a psychopath?

If you are a lover of cinema of terror With its doses of suspense, perhaps the Scream saga is one of your favorites. It is one of the most recognizable masks in horror movies and now it returns with scream 5, after more than a decade away from the billboards.

This time we have no idea, as in the beginning, who will be behind the mask, nor if the writers will be able to capture the psychopathic essence in his personality.

What we do know is that two of the bearers of the mantle, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher, are part of the list of film psychopaths analyzed in 2013 in a curious study.

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In this investigation, a team of film critics together with psychiatrists from the Erasme Academic Hospital in Brussels analyzed 126 psychopaths, 105 men and 21 women, who belong to some of the most famous titles in film history.

The objective of the study was to see if these characters actually had a real-life psychopath profile. And there was everything in terms of results.

Some of them were so adjusted to reality that they gave a real resentment, others introduced features with the purpose of expressing a little more drama to the film, but that do not correspond to a diagnosis of psychopathy as such.

And others fall somewhere in the middle. Yes, they are relatively well based on psychopathy, but not enough to give as an example to a group of forensic psychology students.

A curious classification of film psychopaths

This study addressed characters from at least 400 films, released from 1915 to 2010. It should be noted that some characters were described as psychopaths in the same films, others fell for the weight of their actions in this label.

The objective was to see what could be good examples to teach the traits of psychopathy in the field of forensic psychology. And, for this, they were first classified as primary or secondary psychopaths.

The primals had a few characteristics in particular: superficially charming, manipulative, self-centered, and incapable of feeling love or regret.

Secondaries were impulsive and compulsive, with a continual need for stimulation and opportunities to reassert their power.

Although the primary is usually related to the cinema, in reality the authors of this study saw more secondary traits in the analyzed characters. This was a general classification of psychopaths, which in turn were divided into others.

Regarding Scream, the two main characters who had the famous Ghostface mask were analyzed, Billy Loomis, who defines himself as a primary psychopath of the idiopathic type; and Stu Macher, who is shown as a secondary-type pseudo-psychopath, with an antisocial personality disorder.

This leads us to think if the current murderer of Scream 5 will meet his definition of psychopathy, we will know this when we see it in 2022.


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Is Ghostface from Scream really a psychopath?