“It was like a strange bloody summer camp”: The cast of ‘Bullet Train’ had total freedom for black humor and violence

With David Leitch (‘Deadpool 2’) as director and Brad Pitt as protagonist, the film tells the story of 7 psychopaths with very few scruples. In theaters from August 5.

Seven psychopaths on a train and a briefcase that everyone wants. This is what drives the story of Bullet Trainthe new savagery of the director of Dead Pool 2 -in addition to one of those who have shaped the saga John Wick-, David Leitch. The filmmaker here dares with everything and, as he himself explains in an interview with SensaCinemado not put red lines. “I don’t know if I have red lines that I don’t want to cross”Says Leitch, “I think from the start we knew it was going to be 18+. The provocative nature of the script took us there and the source material, from the Japanese novel it’s based on, explores some dark stuff.”

Bullet TrainJapanese novel adaptation Mary Beetle, needed a director bold and brazen enough to make the story work. David Leitch is just that. Before, recognized coordinator of action scenes, but for a few years he has been developing his career as a director with a very personal stamp. One of his great challenges this time: put Brad Pitt to the test. “Of course, he set the tone. Of course, he came in as a stuntman. He went from stunt coordinator to director, so now as a director, he has his own language, which combines comedy and action. He has a wonderful team with him and they developed these Jackie Chan-style matches that were a lot of fun. I’ve never done anything like this before“says the actor.

Leitch places no limitations on her work, but neither does she place limitations on the actors she works with. The director came from working with Ryan Reynolds in Dead Pool 2who is an improvisation expert, so he wanted to repeat the experiment in Bullet Train. The result is a delicious madness with many touches of black humor and perfectly fine-tuned characters.

It was like some weird bloody summer camp. We arrived, we packed our bags, we arrived on a set with no sun and we said ‘Let’s kick our asses for a few hours’. You have to have fun with it,” says Brian Tyree Henry.

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That camp that Brian Tyree Henry talks about consisted of building his characters practically ‘in situ’. That is, every day they came to the recording and let themselves go with total freedom. “You never knew what was going to come out of our mouths on a given day. David provided this place to let us go and go crazy and absurd. We fit together so well that we just tried anything,” the actor continues. “He was wonderful in letting us find these characters. We’d do a couple of takes one way and I’d say ‘Look, I don’t see it that way, I don’t want to do it that way’ and we’d go for the character in a different way. There was a lot of creative freedom,” adds Joey King.

All of this while shooting huge fight scenes in the tiny space of a bullet train and gaining skills they never thought they would have. King, for example, learned how to use a butterfly knife and how to assemble and disassemble a pistol. A necessary preparation to be up to the level of adrenaline required Bullet Train. Especially when no one wants to miss out on the fun.

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“We all wanted to test ourselves because there were times when, ‘No, I want to do this, I really want to try this,’” says Henry. Brad Pitt, for example, who leads the cast, did almost all of his action scenes himself, although he admits, in a half-joking half-humor tone, that his companions did more than him. “That’s because they’re still young and naive. I was in the trailer like, ‘No, I’ll be in my caravan with a call.’ Let me know when you’re ready.”tells the actor while Brian Tyree and Aaron Taylor-Jonson assure that it was not the case.

From the “strange bloody summer camp” a very funny movie has come out, with great moments of action. Part of his charm goes into the cast, starting with Brad Pitt in one of his best roles in recent years and continuing with the fomidable couple formed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henryin addition to Joey King like the magnificent The Prince.

Bullet Train opens on August 5.

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“It was like a strange bloody summer camp”: The cast of ‘Bullet Train’ had total freedom for black humor and violence