Jackass Forever: the stars at the start VS today

The first time you saw the sassy band of Jackass on screen, that was almost 22 years ago. In two decades of stunts of all kinds, the members of this troupe have necessarily changed a lot. If you remember them at the start of their career as daredevils, it’s time to take a look at what they have become today. Focus on the stars of Jackass early VS today.

Johnny Knoxville, emblematic figure of Jackass

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When we think of Jackassthere is a name that comes directly to mind: that of Johnny Knoxville. And if this hothead recently celebrated his 51st birthday, he manages to prove to us that time has almost no impact on him. He is, in fact, most certainly the one who has changed the least of the band. Only his graying hair now betrays his age. His inveterate fans have recently seen him in the film Mainstreamnotably alongside Andrew Garfield.

Bam Margera


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Bam Margera, now 42, is undoubtedly one of the benchmarks in skateboarding. His history with the band of Jackass is long and somewhat complex. Presumably, after testing positive for Adderall (a psychostimulant), the actor and skateboarder was dropped from the project. Relations with his comrades were thus complicated… However, Bam Margera is credited in the credits of Jackass Forever. Johnny Knoxville confided in this subject to Variety: “We wanted that in the entirety of the film but unfortunately that’s not how it happened. »

Chris Pontius

chris pontius

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Many know Chris Pontius (47) by the nickname Party Boy, a distinguished member of the wacky team of Jackass from the start in 2000. In all likelihood, Chris Pontius is also making a name for himself in wrestling today. That’s why he proudly shows off his belt as a trophy. Let the fans be totally reassured since the hothead is totally present in Jackass Forever !


steve o

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Do we see double? Steve-O is one of those people who doesn’t seem to suffer from the pangs of time. Like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O remains the same. Now 47 years old, he joined his former comrades of nonsense assumed for the needs of the feature film Jackass Forever. We have recently seen it in several productions, whether cinematographic or television, such as secret agency or The Jump.

Preston Lacy

preston lacy

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Preston Lacy is one of the oldest of the sassy troupe. Now 52 years old, he made his range alongside the Jackass since 2002. For anecdote, Preston Lacy dated Johnny Knoxville long before Jackass for advertising purposes. Often singled out for his build, his humor in Jackass also mainly resided on his height difference with Wee Man. Today, he is one of those who has not changed radically, just aged. Normal, what!

Wee Man

Weeman Jackass

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We end this little overview with Jason Acuña alias Wee Man, one of the youngest of Jackass. If today he is 48 years old, Wee Man has not turned the page on this cheeky time. Band addicts find it with pleasure in Jackass Foreverfor which he has “felt the most pain”here is what announces the color… But you, would you be able to join the gang?

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Jackass Forever: the stars at the start VS today