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F.at its debut a very special detective. Is called Harrietbut for everyone it’s just Harry, Harry Wild – Murder Ladytv series from tonight 12 July on Retequattro and on Mediaset Infinity. To interpret what is a candidate to become the new heroine of the crime addicted of our houseis Jane SeymourAnglo-American actress known by all for being the star of the very popular series in the 90s The Lady of the West as the doctor Michaela Anne Quinn.

Harry Wilda lady in Ireland

This time Jane Seymour moves from Colorado Springsa town in the deep south of the United States where it was set The Lady of the Westin old Europe and specifically in Dublin. He moves to green Ireland but does not lose the status of Lady, which passes from West to that of the crime; you can’t drop such an important element of recognition.

Jane Seymour in “Harry Wild – Crime Lady”. (Mediaset)

Who is Harry Wild?

Let’s find out now who is Harry Wild, the main character of the series that gives the title to the new series. Harriet “Harry” Wild is a retired literature professor with a keen eye for investigation. He will discover his passion in the first episode of the series (English title: When Harry met Fergus), when after the move to the home of his son Charlie – Dublin police detective – she becomes curious about a case that reminds her of an Elizabethan comedy.

Fergus, Harry Wild’s assistant robber

The simile between the title of the first episode of Harry Wild and the title of the famous film When Harry met Sally (Harry, this is Sally…) It is not accidental. This time, however, Harry is a woman while Fergus is a robber who, in spite of himself, becomes the assistant of the unconventional former professor. Who, much to her son’s regret, does not resign herself to living the life of a standard pensioner. The meeting between Harry Wild and Fergus Reid, played by the English actor born in 1994 Rohan Neddit’s daring.

The boy in fact rob Harry and, involuntarily, nand causes his son Charlie to move into the house (Kevin Ryan) and daughter-in-law Orla (Amy Huberman). But when the two meet again, Harry instead of denouncing him she hires him to help her investigate. And thanks to their insightful work they become famous in their community.

The 8 episodes of Harry Wild – Murder Lady

There are eight episodes of the series with the center Jane Seymour and Rohan Nedd. The two, to begin with, will capture a killer and save the life of the woman who was the potential next victim. And they will also have to deal with a serial killer obsessed with Dostoevsky, with kidnappers, crooks and psychopaths. In his investigation Harry not only involves Fergus, but also other members of the family such as his niece Lola (Rose O’Neill). Obviously, Charlie, Harry’s son and Lola’s dad, is not happy with this, and he must also try to mediate with his boss Ray Tiernan played by Stuart Graham due to mother’s interference.

Jane Seymour, a gorgeous 70-year-old former Bond Girl

In addition to the lead performer, Jane Seymour is also the executive producer of Harry Wild. Above all, at 70, she is a splendid 70-year-old who, in 2018, posed for the third time (the first were in 1973 and 1987) for Playboybecoming thea donna plus âgé to be published in the magazine founded by Hugh Hefner.

Jane Seymour with Roger Moore’s in “Agent 007 – Live and Let Die”, 1973. (Getty Images)

After all, it is one of the women who Peoplein 2006, included in the list of most beautiful in the world also by virtue of her hypnotic gaze characterized by the diversity of his eyes, one brown and the other green due to heterochromia. Launching his career in 1973 was the role of Solitaire,

from Live and let dieeighth film dedicated to Her Majesty’s secret agent then played by Roger Moore. A year earlier she had married director Michael Attenboroughson of Sir Richard, baron of Richmond upon Thames, and first of her four husbands.

Daniel Craig, says goodbye to James Bond and earns a spot among Hollywood stars

The others were Victor Geoffrey Palmer, David Flynn and actor James Keach. The last two are the fathers of her four children: Katherine (1982), Sean (1985) and the twins John Stacy and Kristopher Stevenborn in 1995. In his long career he has won two Golden Globes, the second of which in 1996 for the series The Lady of the West. Since 2000 it also has a place in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Jane Seymour with her paintings in the Malibu house. (Getty Images)

Also a painter, writer and designer

Just like her character in Harry Wild, Jane Seymour – whose stage name she chose when she was just 17 inspired by the third wife of Henry VIII – it’s a volcano. In addition to acting, paints, writes self-help books and designs jewelryscarves, furniture, rugs and bags with his Jane Seymour Designs.


Jane Seymour is back with the TV series Harry Wild: the plot | iO Woman