Jeffrey Dahmer: first teaser of the Netflix series on the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”

Evan Peters will play the infamous serial killer for Ryan Murphy in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, which is revealed in images.

If some actors have a role that sticks to their skin, Evan Peters also has a director-screenwriter-producer that sticks to his coattails. After playing a mass murderer, a cult leader and other villains of all kinds, the actor will still play a serial killer, and always for Ryan Murphythe monster specialist.

revealed with Nip/Tuck and GleeRyan Murphy had plunged into horror with the anthology-phenomenon American Horror Storya series as brilliant as it is disconcerting (as evidenced by our ranking of the seasons ofAmerican Horror Story). Even though the series has disappointed some fans over the seasons, it has had the merit of revealing Evan Peters to the general publicwho at that time was best known for his small role in Kick-Ass.

After the murder of Gianni Versace in American Crime StoryCharles Manson (played by Peters) or Richard Ramirez in AHSbeing interested in Jeffrey Dahmer was the logical next step for Ryan Murphy.

The Milwaukee Cannibal

Latest production to date from the contract between Netflix and Ryan Murphy (the company spun $300 million to the showrunner in 2018 for a five-year deal), Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will trace the life of the famous serial killer, from his childhood to his conviction. In addition to being one of the world’s most notorious killers, Jeffrey Dahmer has also sadly become a pop culture figure.

Nicknamed the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”, Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to a 957-year (you read that right) long sentence in 1992, after killing and dismembering (among other atrocities) seventeen young men.

Portrayed by Jeremy Renner in Dahmer, the cannibal and more recently by Ross Lynch in My Friend Dahmer, the psychopath has often been shown in the cinema. He has also been quoted in many series, from South Park in season 5 ofAmerican Horror Story (here then), in which he is very quickly played by Seth Gabel.

This very short teaser of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story unveiled on the Netflix platform promises, thanks to the zoom in the tired eye of Evan Peters, or rather Jeffrey Dahmer, an incursion into the killer’s psyche. If the treatment of serial killers in works of fiction is a divisive subject, we hope that Ryan Murphy will not try to make us feel empathy for his character.

Ryan Murphy joins forces once again with Ian Brennan and Alexis Martin Woodall, his faithful collaborators since Glee.

If Sarah Paulson, another muse of Ryan Murphy, should not intervene, actors and actresses Richard Jenkins, Niecy Nash, Karen Malina White and David Barrera will be there. No release date has been revealed, but according to Netflix, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will arrive “soon”.

Jeffrey Dahmer: first teaser of the Netflix series on the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”