Joker 2 Could Bring Back Zazie Beetz’s Character

    the ins and outs of joker 2 they can find one in Arkham Asylum. In 2019, with the over $1,000 gross still fresh at the box office, we were told there would be a sequel. The same creative team would return: co-writer Scott Silver, Joaquin Phoenix – who, they said, had a contract to play the Joker at least one more time – and director Todd Phillips. But immediately afterwards Phillips himself denied it. Then it turned out that good, maybe.

    And so a global pandemic passed, a new batman and at the beginning of 2022 heroic hollywood said that Warner had already received the first draft of the script and that they would start shooting in the spring of 2023. After two months it turned out that neither. The Ankler He said that the script had suffered “a little hiccup” – who knows what – and that Todd Phillips had not yet delivered a single draft of the promised ones.

    Meanwhile, WarnerMedia and Discovery have merged, David Zaslav has replaced Jason Kilar as CEO and has turned all of the studio’s brands upside down. Some films fall and others take hold, which means that they cancel Batgirl once finished Y joker 2 becomes the star project of the company.Among other things, Zaslav wants Todd Phillips to be involved in the production strategy for the next few DC Universe movies. It is not about making him the new Kevin Feige of DC -Walter Hamada is still at the controls, who knows for how long-, but it is about having a more active role as director and producer.

    And in this context it came out the news: Todd Phillips was “very close” to a Joker sequel. This time it turned out to be true. On June 8, the director posted on Instagram an image of the script, finally finished, which he has written together with Scott Silver. And next to it, an image of Joaquin Phoenix already reading the continuation of the tragic story of Arthur Fleck, now already as the clown of the crime.

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    With this, it has also been confirmed what will be the title, provisional for the moment, of the film: Joker: Folie a Deux. The “shared madness”, as it would be translated in Spanish, is the legal term used to define shared delusional disorder, a disorder characterized by the manifestation of psychiatric symptoms in a person close to another individual with an established mental illness, which may indicate that we will have a fellow Joker co-star. Will it be Harley Queen? Will it be Batman?

    That is everything we know about Joker 2: Folie a Deux.

    When will ‘Joker 2’ come out? movie release date

    Warner Bros

    Warner Discovery has said it wants to boost the company’s franchises, Disney-style, and joker was one of his biggest hits, so with Phillips becoming an influential adviser to the DC Universe, we can trust that joker 2 It will be a priority project. At the moment the film has reserved December of this year to start filming.

    The studio has already confirmed that they want the movie to be seen exactly 5 years after that crazy October 4, 2019 when the first installment was released and we all went crazy with the Phoenix Joker going down some stairs. Which means, yeah joker 2 will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024.

    ‘Joker 2’: Cast

    Here’s the big news. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker will finally find true love, that special person with whom to share his madness, we are talking, of course, about Harley Quinn. whatMargot Robbie’s Harley Quinn? No. It’s going to be a new version of the character played by Lady Gaga that has proven to be capable of adapting to all kinds of registers. We’re going to miss Robbie, yes, but see Lady Gaga in joker 2 like Harley Quinn is the best news of the year. Because it is not a free decision: joker 2 It’s going to be a musical.

    Another more than likely return is that of Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumont, Arthur’s neighbor. The News That the actress is in talks to reprise the character came just after Beetz was pleased that JOKER: Folie Á Deux it’s going to be a musical and hinted that she might return in the sequel. Her character was left unknown at the end of joker, leaving us with the question of whether Arthur Fleck had murdered her, but the deleted scenes of the film confirmed that she was still alive and ready for a hypothetical reunion with her neighbor. It will be very interesting to find out what Sophie has been up to all this time and how she has reacted to the discovery that Arthur is such a disturbed man that he imagined he had a relationship with her. How will they get back in touch? And above all, what is Harley Quinn going to think of that imagined relationship?

    the movie too will once again be directed and written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver and starring Joaquin Phoenix.

    joker 2


    What will ‘Joker 2’ be about? Synopsis of the film

    We’re sorry to say that this is the very question Todd Phillips and Scott Silver have been trying to answer for so long. And they don’t seem to have found it easy to do so, so don’t expect us to do better. The last reportsHowever, they insist that The film will take place within the walls of Gotham City’s iconic psychiatric facility, at Arkham Asylum. which is where we left Arthur Fleck.

    We can pick up where Arthur Fleck left off in 2019. At Arkham Asylum, murdering a social worker. the epilogue of joker jumped a few years forward after his criminal birth and the film closed without a post-credit scene, that is, as a closed whole and without the promise of a continuation. But, alas, that’s what blockbusters have.

    Choosing Arkham Asylum as the main setting for this musical sequel is also ideal for introducing Harley Quinn, since in most versions of the character they both meet in the psychiatric hospital. Quinn was Joker’s therapist in Arkham before losing her mind over him.

    The sequel could fill in the ellipsis that goes from the end of the film to the epilogue, a span of a few years, and narrate how he got there (did someone say Batman?) or continue the story after that scene, which is the option with the most potential to show what happens inside Arkham. In the first case we would return to Gotham New York from the 70s/80s taken from Martin Scorsese’s moviesin the second they could surprise us with something new.

    ‘Joker 2’: Will Batman appear?

    best batman

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    The big question, and what must have given Phillips and Silver a lot of headaches, is whether the movie will introduce a Batman, and if so, what? batman actor? As much as there are fans who want to find a secret continuity between all the movies in the DC universe and connect joker with batman, there is no way that something like that would work. But, anyway, multiverse, of course, but does anyone believe that a film as independent as joker can you get into those games?

    Without mixing universes, we can rule out Ben Affleck’s Batman, which has its own Jared Leto and a movie together, Batman and Joker, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. In addition, its story takes place in a semi-futuristic contemporary world, very different from that of joker. Robert Pattinson’s superhero would be a much better fit if it weren’t for your movie has already submitted to Barry Keoghan as the new Joker for Batman 2. If they squared the ages (something that since the Irish it is no longer impossible) perhaps it was the opportunity to face again to Michael Keaton’s recovered Batman with the jokerBut we’ve already seen that story.

    Plus, having the Joker as the protagonist, who needs Batman?

    ‘Joker 2’: Trailer and poster

    In a couple of years, when the movie is actually underway and we see official footage, you’ll find it here. For now we will keep this article updated with all the news.

Joker 2 Could Bring Back Zazie Beetz’s Character