Jorge Zárate leaves aside the male characters to become Drag

accustomed to interpreting characters masculine, harsh, corrupt and violent, males themselves, Jorge Zarate has tried on more than one occasion to open the range of his acting proposals, even regardless of their gender and sexual preference. Something that seems in the middle film Y theatrical Mexican can still be tricky.

With the work The Devourers of an ardent desire, which takes up the aesthetics drag-queen to question gender roles —which will be presented at the Julio Castillo Theaterof Forest Cultural Centerstarting this Thursday and running through October 2—has moved closer to that goal.

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“That now they promote staging like this and propose me this role encourages me, because, personally, this performance is interesting to me because it represents an acting challenge. I have always had an impossible desire to achieve roles such as that of a woman”, comments the actor a The Sun of Mexicoabout his experience in this work, which is based on the text of the late playwright Antonio Gonzalez Caballero.

Zarate explains that, in addition to his constant need for acting, which prompted him to venture into the interpretation of the role of isadoraone of the protagonists of the construction sitewas the awareness that in the history of art there are signs that men have developed with great ease with female roles, which is still possible in our times.

“Obviously how actors men, we will never be able to do a woman good, because I believe that there is a completeness that we will never achieve. There is something that is there in the middle that, no matter how much you have a very good imagination or are an actor with a wide stage repertoire, it is impossible”, he says and emphasizes that with this interpretation the objective is not fully achieved, because due to the same aesthetic as construction site the naturalistic incarnation you want to do is not performed.

Diversity, amusement of humanity

On his approach to drag-queenZárate affirms that his perception of the LGBTQ+ community, because he has always viewed with respect the decision of each individual as his sex life and gender identification; although, he acknowledges, he sees with curiosity and surprise the large number of labels with which each person can now identify, even to the degree of transspecies.

“I find it disturbing, because somehow what would be seen as ‘crazy’ is now something valuable. I think it’s like a fun for humanity with which we are realizing that even ‘madness’ is worthy and there is a place of recognition and respect for those who want to transgress. To me that means being actor, I feel that I charge for transgressing my person. It seems to me that now many people have decided to take that same idea to the level of their essence and their being, something with which I completely agree, ”he also comments. producer.

Acting broadens your criteria

Zarate He affirms that he has always sought to get away from the clichés in his representations, since these are a way of judging the characters from the performance itself. By documenting your characters and appropriate them, he has realized that theater for him implies a broadening of criteria, capable of opening panoramas and extending the understanding of everything: “One as an actor, when it comes to representing, for example, a criminal, I don’t judge. That is not his job, because one has to approach him in an almost loving way, the viewer is the one who will determine a value judgment on that character. Be actor It has made me understand people from respect, understanding and not from prejudice.”

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Returning to his interest in playing other roles, he mentions that among his main objectives is that they recognize that he also has many more acting proposals, “from a psychopath to a good-natured father or a grandfather with grandchildren”, roles that he has not been able to play. in his carrer.

Soon it is about to release the movie Oliver and the poolin which she plays a transsexual woman, an experience that she described as quite funny and at the same time disturbing.

“I hope they continue to offer me the roles of corrupt villains and crazy police officers, of course I’m going to do them. But I think that an actor who doesn’t open up his panorama is undoubtedly missing out on what it means to be completely actor. I think what I would like my business card to say is: Jorge Zárate, ductile actor”, ends with laughter.


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Jorge Zárate leaves aside the male characters to become Drag