Katherine Heigl, Jared Leto…10 actors who were horrible on the set of series or films

On a film set, it happens that the agreement is not always in good shape! Blame it on a person not so much made for community life. Zoom on these actors who have, visibly, been horrible on the set of a film or a series.

Lea Michele on the set of Glee


Since the time, the behavior of Lea Michele on the set of Glee is no longer a surprise. Presumably, during the filming of the series of Ryan Murphy the actress was infernal. She would have behaved like a diva with the members of the team, and was accused on several occasions of having had toxic outbursts towards some of her co-stars and in particular Samantha Ware, who joined Glee for a few episodes. Lea Michele would have made her live through hell. Nice.

Bruce Willis on the set of Top Cops


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The movie director Top Cops certainly does not have good memories of Bruce Willis on the set of the film, and vice versa. The actor’s outspokenness would not always have been to the taste of Kevin Smith, the director, who even wrote in his memoirs: “He turned out to be the most miserable, bitter, nasty emo-bitch I’ve ever met at any job I’ve had. And tell you that I worked at Domino’s Pizza”.

Shannen Doherty on the set of Beverly Hills 90210

brenda shannen doherty beverly hills 90210

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Between Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed, it’s safe to say Shannen Doherty hasn’t built a reputation as an actress who’s easy to work with. Quite the contrary. Some have questioned her sometimes too abrupt honesty, others a diva behavior that she could sometimes have. The actress and Jennie Garth (Kelly in the popular ’90s show) even almost came to blows one day on set. In a similar vein, his feuds with his co-stars from Charmed are no longer to be told…

William Shatner on the set of the mythical series star trek

star trek


A mythical figure of Captain Kirk, William Shatner was, in all likelihood, not the best person to work with on star trek. Mainly because of his jealousy! The actor, if we are to believe Screeningsometimes stole lines and always tried to be the center of attention.

Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomybut not only…



The character of Katherine Heigl is well known to fans of Grey’s Anatomy… On several occasions it was said that it was very difficult to work with the actress. An idea that seems to be confirmed by the shooting of the film Life As We Know It. Katherine Heigl would still have acted up, a source told The Hollywood Reporter : “She can waste your time every day of shooting. Whether it’s wardrobe issues, not seeing her come out of her dressing room, seeing her always questioning the script. Even seeing his contract signed at Warner was difficult…”

Jared Leto on the set of The Suicide Squad


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Jared Leto wasn’t horrible or disrespectful on the set of The Suicide Squad… Let’s say rather that he had a particular behavior… very particular! Completely thoroughly in his role of the Joker, the actor would have multiplied the oddities. “First we found out that Jared wasn’t coming to rehearsals, we were like, ‘That’s amazing! How come he won’t be at rehearsals? Then one day there was a bag at the door. A guy opens it and pulls out a dead pig on the ground in front of us. We said to ourselves “Ok Jared completely left The Suicide Squad, he became Joker”, reported Will Smith to MTV. Dead pigs, inappropriate sex toys and even used condoms are among the gifts Jared Leto has seen fit to give to his co-stars.

Teri Hatcher on the set of the series Desperate Housewives

Susan Mayer Desperate Housewives


The differences between Teri Hatcher and in particular Nicollette Sheridan are well known. On the set of the mythical series Desperate Housewivesthings got seriously heated, the fault of the supposed star behavior of Teri Hatcher. The conflict would have been built by several small stories and, among others, the famous photo shoot with Vanity Fair, symptomatic of a bad agreement. Result of the races, even today Teri Hatcher does not seem to have kept good relations with her former co-stars.

Patrick Dempsey on the set of the medical series Grey’s Anatomy



Face of an angel and character adored on the tails side, a horror on the tails side. this is how Patrick Dempsey is described by some people from the team of Grey’s Anatomy. It is his behavior that would be at the origin of his departure from the series in season 11. The actor would have generated a whole bunch of post-traumatic stress syndromes in the people with whom he worked on the series, his presence was so harmful…

Julia Roberts on the set of Hook


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From heaven to hell, there is only one step! Julia Roberts would have been so excruciating on the set of the film Hook that the team nicknamed her Tinker Hell (“Hell” means “Hell” in English) while she interpreted Tinker Bell (Tinker Bell in VO). In all likelihood, the actress was going through a painful time after breaking up and calling off her future marriage to Kiefer Sutherland. And she would have experienced the situation so badly that everything would have been transferred to the team and its partners in Hook. According TeleStarshe would have chained the whims and the bad composition until Steven Spielberg, director of the film, does not go back to him the straps once and for all.

Jennifer Lopez on the set of What To Expect When You’re Expecting


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Another love story that ends badly… While she was divorcing her companion Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez was also filming the comedy What To Expect When You’re Expecting. At first glance, a good way to immerse yourself in a bowl of lightness and forget! Wrongly, since the popular singer and actress would have been so infernal on the set that she refused to be spoken to directly. According Hollywood.com, it was imperative to go through his assistant before telling him anything. An excellent atmosphere for its partners…

Katherine Heigl, Jared Leto…10 actors who were horrible on the set of series or films