Kumail Nanjiani reveals that Hollywood only wants white actors playing villains

Kumail Nanjiani reveals that Hollywood only wants white actors playing villains

Kumail Nanjiani reveals that Hollywood only wants white actors playing villains

In an age where diversity is so presumed in Hollywood, it is incredible that one of the actors of color who are succeeding in the industry launches a criticism against the “good intentions” of the mecca of cinema. kumail nanjianiwho is recently identified by Marvel fans for his involvement in Eternals (58%)talked with Esquire UK and complained that villain roles now only end up in the hands of whites.

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The point of inclusion is that actors of color (and from other marginalized communities) are not stereotyped, but if in Hollywood you fall to the other extreme, you fall into another type of stereotype. A clear example is that dark-haired people used to have criminal roles, and inclusion sought to break with it, but if studies now no longer dare to give dark-haired people criminal roles, that is also a mistake.

It was never about going from one extreme to another, and according to Nanjiani that is what is happening now. It seems that in their eagerness to be progressive, in Hollywood they are offering villainous roles mainly to white actors, and presumably they do it so as not to offend people of color who have been stereotyped for decades. However, the also actor of Obi Wan Kenobi (95%) He doesn’t agree at all and thinks things shouldn’t continue that way.

During the promotion of his new series Welcome to Chippendale (60%)where he plays a bad guy, Nanjiani assured that if it was not based on true events, the show probably would not have him as a villain:

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I had never performed an arc like this. By far the most layered, complex and complicated person I’ve ever played. I think Hollywood now, even though they’re trying to be more diverse, is still weird.

The actor adds that good intentions lead to wrong solutions, because if the bad guy is always dark, what message are you sending? “And that’s as limiting as anything else, I want to play more bad guys.” He then compared his career to hers Sebastian Stanwho in addition to being a Marvel superhero, gave life to a murderer in Fresh (75%):

He does these great Marvel movies, and then he plays a psychopath. They told me it’s going to be hard because people don’t want to present non-white people as bad guys.

There is probably a lot of truth to Nanjiani’s words, and studies should take this into account, as inclusion should not be about reversing stereotypes. If now the villain will always be a white man and the good guys will only be men of color, inclusion will be of little or no use. However, it is necessary to clarify that perhaps the perspective of the Eternals actor is not very reliable, since there are several recent examples of actors of color giving life to villains, but it depends more on the context, since we can remember that in the two installments of Black Panther have been actors of color who play the bad guys, or in Battle Angel: The Last Warrior (55%)where Mahershala Ali gave life to a gangster, as well as in The Mandalorian (91%)with Giancarlo Esposito like the evil Moff Gideon.

Controversy broke out recently for the opposite case. in the series of Tim Burton, Merlin (69%), the bad boys were played by African-Americans exclusively, which was not very well received by viewers. In that case, perhaps Burton and his team went too far, since if all the bad guys are African-American, it falls into another stereotype that they have wanted to fight against for a long time.

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Kumail Nanjiani reveals that Hollywood only wants white actors playing villains