La Libertad: Candidate of Cesar Acuña’s party proposes hiring “psychopaths” to reform young people

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The electoral campaigns have already begun and each candidate of the various political parties in the country is promoting their proposals for the following municipal and regional elections in 2022.

From working to eradicate crime to promoting activities for the youngest, are some of these initiatives. However, in some cases, applicants express their aspirations in very hilarious or radical ways.

This is the case of the candidate John Carranza, who is running for mayor in the municipality of the ‘El Porvenir’ district in Trujillo. During an interview with a local media, he assured that in his eventual management he would have the participation of psychopaths for “reform” young people and adolescents who act outside the law.

“We have to locate that adolescent or young person who is perhaps choosing the wrong path and perhaps with professionals, psychologists, psychopaths and also social workers, a work team, from the municipality, to be able to resocialize them on time,” Indian.

After making these statements that became critical, he decided to apologize, stating that this was a “lapse” and clarified that what he meant was to have the participation of psychiatrists to resocialize people submerged in the vices that trigger criminal actions.

After this impasse, a candidate for mayor of El Porvenir in Trujillo apologized for “lapse.”

“On this occasion, it was a verbal slip in which I clarified that we have to hire psychologists and psychiatrists, because there are people who are involved in alcoholism, drug addiction and have a sick mental activity, and a sick mental activity means that we must have health professionals. health as psychologists and psychiatrists”, commented for RPP News.

For the mayoral candidate, he pointed out that his district is one of the areas where there is a high criminal incidence. Precisely last week, hitmen shot two young men on Cerro Cruz Blanca, in El Porvenir.

This October 2, the Municipal and Regional Elections will be held throughout the country, for this reason the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) enabled its website so that citizens can choose your polling place according to the district in which they reside and that is registered in their ID.

The last date to choose your polling place is June 3after that date it will be the ONPE that will decide your polling place in any place that is within the district where you would have to vote.


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La Libertad: Candidate of Cesar Acuña’s party proposes hiring “psychopaths” to reform young people