La Llorona The tears of evil Rai 5 film – plot, cast, ending

The film is based on a real legend in South America. It is the sixth chapter of The Conjuring saga.

Mediaset Italy 2 proposes the film entitled La Llorona Tears of Evil. It is a horror film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of Americathe year of realization is 2019 and the duration is one hour and 38 minutes.

La Llorona The Tears of Evil film – director, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by Michael Chaves. Main protagonists are Anna Tate Garcia and Chris Garcia interpreted respectively by Linda Cardellini and Roman Christou. Also in the cast Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen in the role of Samantha Garcia.

Filming took place in Americaespecially a Los Angeles and neighboring areas in the territory of the California.

The production is of New Line Cinema in collaboration with Atomic Monster and Warner Bros.

The film is internationally known under the title The Curse of La Llorona.

La Llorona The Tears of Evil film where it is shot

La Llorona The tears of evil – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 5

There Llorona. The crying woman. A terrifying apparition, trapped between Heaven and Hell, that of a woman marked by a terrible fate who created herself with her own hands. Just hearing her name mentioned has terrorized the world for generations. Her fault was that she drowned her children in a fit of rage and jealousy, and then threw herself into the same river, desperate and crying. Now her tears are eternal and deadly, and those who hear her deadly call at night are doomed. There Llorona he creeps into the shadows and hunts for children, desperate to replace his own. As the centuries passed, his desire for him grew more voracious…and his methods more terrifying.

In the 70s at Los Angelesthe Llorona he prowls in the night looking for children. A social worker doesn’t take seriously the ominous warning of a mother suspected of raping her children, and soon it is she and her children who are drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.

Final spoiler

The only hope to survive the deadly wrath of Llorona it could be a disillusioned priest and the practice of driving away evil, where fear and faith meet.

Beware of its bloodcurdling wail…it will stop at nothing to lure you into the dark.

Because there is no peace for his anguish, there is no mercy for his soul.

And there is no escaping the curse of Llorona.

La Llorona The tears of evil final film

La Llorona Tears of Evil: the complete cast

Below is the cast of the film La Llorona Tears of Evil and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Linda Cardellini: Anna Tate Garcia
  • Roman Christou: Chris Garcia
  • Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen: Samantha Garcia
  • Raymond Cruz: Rafael Olvera
  • Patricia Velásquez: Patricia Alvarez
  • Tony Amendola: Father Perez
  • Sean Patrick Thomas: Detective Cooper
  • Marisol Ramirez: la Llorona

La Llorona The tears of evil Rai 5 film – plot, cast, ending