La Page Blanche, with Sara Giraudeau, Pierre Deladonchamps and Grégoire Ludig: review and interview

By Nathanaël B. Published on August 25, 2022 at 4:29 p.m.

In “La Page Blanche”, by Murielle Magellan, Sara Giraudeau embodies a young woman who suddenly loses her memory, and investigates to find her. A research that will profoundly change her. The film hits theaters on August 31. Check out the first trailer.

For his first movie to go out to the cinema, the novelist and screenwriter Murielle Magellan (Under girls’ skirts, A family for rent) leaned towards the comic by Penelope Bagieu (culottes) and Cannonball (Ragnarok), The White Page. In this adaptation colorful and softwe find Sara Giraudeau (The speech, night doctor, The Office of Legends) in the main role, that of Eloise, a young woman who wakes up one morning on a bench, without knowing who she is. Then begins an investigation to find the memory.

On her journey, she will reunite with her colleagues and realize that the one she was is not someone she likes. On her journey, she will cross paths with characters High Colorplayed by Pierre Deladonchamps (Tickles, eiffel, rascal), Gregory Ludigfrom the Palmashow (The Crazy Story of Max and Leon, The stars, At office !), Lola Dubini (When we cry wolf), and many others !

The feature film is released in cinemas August 31, 2022in the meantime, we let you discover the trailer and our interview with the director.

The synopsis:

Eloise finds herself sitting alone on a Parisian bench. Who is she ? What is she doing there? She doesn’t remember anything! She then embarks on an investigation, full of surprises, to find out who she is. What if this amnesia allowed her to find who she is, who she loves, and to reinvent her life?

The interview:

The teaser :

Our review:

Here is a film full of charm! Certainly, The White Page will perhaps not stand out in the very busy schedule of film outings for the start of the school year. Despite everything, Murielle Magellan’s feature film skilfully plays with the types represented by its characters. The actors in the film come out of the roles in which we are used to seeing them and that’s a pleasure, especially with such a fine cast. Pierre Deladonchamps is clearly the asset of the film, we like to see him come out of the roles of psychopaths (Tickles, rascal). Here, he plays a very funny and endearing computer geek.

Despite a somewhat weak script, the film is quite effective. We kind of know how it’s going to end pretty quickly and all of the main character’s issues would be over in seconds if she were honest about her memory loss. However, this does not prevent the charm from operating, especially since Murielle Magellan marks her staging with visuals that are often close to comics, the original medium of the story. It’s gratifying!

In which theaters near me is the film screened? The Blank Page ?

La Page Blanche, with Sara Giraudeau, Pierre Deladonchamps and Grégoire Ludig: review and interview