Lady Gaga will be perfect in Harley Quinn for the movie Joker 2

Joker’s first movie in the DC comics universe was a real success. In addition to being a success, it is the feature film that has raised more than a billion dollars at the global box office, much more than the revenue reported by The Batman, released in theaters in March 2022. The film’s director, Todd Phillips, managed the feat of highlighting a solo film of Gotham’s public enemy number one when it was first released in 2019. For the sequel, the director announced this year that the role of the madwoman with pigtails, Harley Quinn, will be interpreted by actress and singer Lady Gaga in “Joker: Madness for Two”.“.

Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

Joker’s first film in the DC comics universe was wildly successful as an independent R-rated feature film, i.e. unaccompanied under 17 in the United States. Due to this success, the director has confirmed the sequel, which is called “Joker: Madness for Two”, which is scheduled for a cinema release date of October 4, 2024.

Quirky, pigtailed madwoman Harley Quinn will join deranged psychopath Arthur Fleck for a saucy sequel. Joker 2 cinematographer Lawrence Sher, who recently appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s Behind the Screen podcast, argued that Lady Gaga is going to bring something special to this sequel, like actor Joaquin Phoenix did in portraying the main character, Arthur Fleck, in Joker . Despite some protests and reluctance from some fans in the cast about Lady Gaga, Sher fully supports the star of “A star is born”, arguing that this talented singer and actress is perfect to embody the character. Indeed, the singer has a sexy body, as well as the perfect style to embody the psychopath in shorts of the DC Comics universe. Lady Gaga’s unique talent also allows her to play the role of the pigtailed madwoman. The combination of his talent as well as his style will also be a smash success for the sequel of the film.

The cinematographer also mentioned during the interview that the feature film will be perfect and that Lady Gaga will create magic similar to what Phoenix brought with him.He also claimed that the combination of Lady Gaga and Joaquin will be exactly what we hope for in the film. This is what will, moreover, be exciting in Joker: Folies à deux. The director also hopes for a little madness on the film set.

Margot Robbie: the actress’ point of view on Lady Gaga

The cinematographer isn’t the only one to argue that Lady Gaga is perfect for the feature film sequel. In effect, Margot Robbie the talented actress, who played the quilt psychopath in Suicide Squad also gave her point of view.

  • The comedienne who made Harley Quinn a popular character in DC comics movies seemed thrilled to pass the torch to fellow actor Lady Gaga;
  • During the interview, Margot Robbie said that she is very happy, because she said from the beginning that she only wanted one thing for her role in DC comics: to become one of these characters, like Batman or Macbeth. , who went from one great actor to another;
  • Margot Robbie also said that it was a real honor to have been able to create a strong foundation for Harley and that she is now among the characters that other female actors have the chance to play. Margot Robbie is sure Lady Gaga is going to make an amazing feature film out of it.

The former interpreter of Harley Quinn, and who will embody Barbie, is therefore not resentful for this change of interpreter.

The sequel to Joker: a musical version

Considering the main character’s hallucinations and mental turmoil in the Joker premiere, it’s a possibility that the movie being billed as a musical is happening inside the head of Arthur Fleck, aka The Joker himself. Various facets of Harley can surface in this case, such as the pigtailed madwoman either a fantasy dreamed up by Joker or someone who shares her troubles with him.Like the title chosen for the sequel: la folie à deux is a French saying that literally means: mental illness or delirium shared by two closely related people. Fans can therefore expect a Harley as deranged as Arthur Fleck.

DC comics fans should expect a wild sequel from both actors for this sequel to Joker, which is slated for release on October 4, 2024. But while waiting for that film, DC comics fans will be able to see the Black Adam film, whose main role goes to Dwayne Johnson.

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Lady Gaga will be perfect in Harley Quinn for the movie Joker 2