Lando Buzzanca hospitalized in Gemelli, the doctor’s complaint: “Reduced a skeleton in RSA”

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The complaint comes via Facebook from his trusted doctor, Fulvio Tomaselli, and follows those of the actor’s partner who suffers from senile dementia

There complaint comes from the doctor of the actor Lando Buzzanca. She does it with a post on Facebook and says: «The tragic shadow of itselfcurled up in a bed, skeletalexhausted, dramatically shiny». It is almost impossible, recalling him in his films or while he was on stage, to believe that these words refer to the actor, who last August 87 years old. Yet his doctor talks about it in these terms Fulvio Tomaselli. «I would like to show you the images of Lando Buzzanca, hospitalized urgently (?) to Gemelli Polyclinic from 8 November – he continues -. Privacy doesn’t stop me, but respect for a world-famous Italian icon. The “loving care” declared in hospitalization in Rsa (Health care residence, ed) since December 27, they have overwhelmed a man, who was walking and talking a year ago ».

The fall from the wheelchair

But, in over three hundred days, since Buzzanca found “shelter” in the structure, his condition would dramatically worsen. «I reported this condition on August 5, as his trusted doctor – writes Tomaselli -. Now he is worse… And the stars… look… under one roof… Thanks for the excellent… administrative support». From what we learn the actor and conductor for over two weeks would be admitted to the Gemelli Polyclinic for consequences of a fall from the wheelchair which it has long needed. After indeed hit his head was brought in hospital to carry out all the investigations necessary.

The partner: «Malaise and bedsores»

To underline the whole story – always on social networks – the outburst of his partner also appears Frances Della Valle: 36 years younger than Buzzanca, by his side for six years and a marriage vanished due to the intervention of his children. «The RSA, as Fulvio Tomaselli and I publicly denounced, destroyed Lando Buzzanca in 11 months. Today he is rushed to Gemelli, where he is finally being treated for malnutrition and bedsores. I hope it isn’t too late! – she also writes on Facebook -. Who has “imprisoned” a healthy, strong and free man like Lando is the application of law 6/2004 (i.e. the rule that introduced the institution of thesupport administrationed.)».

The accusations against the children

«An Ads (support administrator, ed), in line with the children, with the approval of a guardianship judge – Della Valle then points the finger -, did everything so that Lando Buzzanca didn’t come home. This is documented truth. The rest is shame.” The reference of the woman, who has shared the last few years with Lando, is to the fact that her children have placed a tutelary figure alongside her father because suffering from senile dementia and then incapable of understanding and wanting. «During the pandemic, my brother and I turned to the guardianship judge to assign him a support administrator for the estate – in light of his state of health – his son Massimiliano explained not long ago -. A series of ctu and exams have confirmed the problems of comprehension and mnemonic abilitydifficulty understanding and remembering. Therefore, a support administrator was appointed in mid-2020 ».

Buzzanca’s conditions

His conditions, according to what is learned, are not serious and Buzzanca is not in danger of life. But it’s the weight of his age and his own that affect his health general psycho-physical state, of a person no longer lucid. Also the infection that had been found on his admission to the hospital, is on the mend. Her resignation are provided soon. Even if at this point the knot of its future location will remain to be resolved.

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November 24, 2022 (change November 25, 2022 | 07:41)

Lando Buzzanca hospitalized in Gemelli, the doctor’s complaint: “Reduced a skeleton in RSA”