Leonardo: where have we already seen the cast of the France 2 series?

France 2 launches its brand new historical event series from 9:10 p.m., Leonardo, from this Monday, February 7, 2022. The fiction plunges us into the heart of the 16th century, when Leonardo da Vinci was arrested in Florence. Authorities accuse him of having information regarding the mysterious disappearance of Caterina da Cremona. His interrogation will allow him to remember important events in his career. Zoom on the actors who make up this cast and where you have probably already seen them!

Aidan Turner is Leonardo

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Aidan Turner is a regular historical series with beautiful period costumes. Indeed, in addition to having the difficult task of playing Leonardo da Vinci in Leonardo, he lends his features to Poldark in the eponymous series. Role he takes on for 5 seasons. He is also a star of the big screen since he embodies Kíli in the trilogy of Hobbitprequel to the cult saga The Lord of the Rings. Pretty roles that allow him to embody the genius of the Renaissance on France 2.

Matilda De Angelis plays Caterina da Cremona



The plot of Leonardo revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Caterina da Cremona (Catherine of Cremona in French). The famous artist is therefore questioned, accused of having information on this strange story. It is Matilda De Angelis who plays Caterina de Cremona in the series. A face that is probably familiar to you since she gives the line to Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in The Undoing. It is around her character, Elena Alves, that the plot of this mini-series revolves since she is found brutally killed. Which is also the case in Leonardo.

Freddie Highmore in Leonardo



Freddie Highmore is one of the headliners of this new series of France 2. We find him unrecognizable in Leonardo since he shows up, for one of the rare times, with a nice beard. He plays in the series the detective Stefano Giraldi in charge of investigating the disappearance of Caterina. You surely know Freddie Highmore thanks to series good doctor and Bates Motel of which he is the main actor. He is also the one who plays Arthur in Arthur and the Invisibles by Luc Besson and Charlie in Charlie and the chocolate factory by Tim Burton.

James D’Arcy is Ludovico Sforza



The Duke of Milan is played by James D’Arcy in Leonardo. Leonardo da Vinci works for him in the series, the actor thus shares the screen several times with Aidan Turner. James D’Arcy is known to series fans since he plays Lee Ashworth in the second season of Broadchurch. It’s also Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler in the Marvel series Agent Carter. It also shared the poster with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry for the film CloudAtlasdirected by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and released in 2012. He embodies the young version of the character of Rufus Sixsmith.

Hugo Becker in the series


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France is honored in Leonardo, since the cast of the series is also made up of French actors. So, you will be able to find Hugo Becker, known for playing Paul Gallo in the series I promise youFrench adaptation of This is us. He also played Paul Vanhove in Osmosis on Netflix, and made an appearance in the episode on Charlotte Gainsbourg in Ten percent. In the brand new series of France 2, Hugo Becker lends his features to a certain Thierry, an artist who has an ambiguous relationship with Leonardo da Vinci since both are fascinated by each other.

Find Leonardo, from February 7 on France 2 and to see and review on France.tv.

Leonardo: where have we already seen the cast of the France 2 series?