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Licorice Pizza is the new masterpiece of Paul Thomas Anderson, in theaters March 17, 2022, and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay and Direction for Paul Thomas Anderson. Author of as many successful films as Magnolia, The oilman, The Master, The hidden thread and others, Paul Thomas Anderson with Licorice Pizza he returns to thrill audiences and critics, making an original and authentic film, a sui generis coming-of-age story that photographs an era and a way of being in the world. Set in the San Fernando Valley of the early 1970s, Gary and Alana, who met during the photo day for the school yearbook, despite their 10-year difference, perceive an alchemy that leads them to see each other again. The friendship and the special bond that binds them, despite a series of obstacles, together with commercial activities that they start together, leads them to get lost and find each other several times, both in search of their place in the world. The stellar cast of Licorice Pizza, is also represented by two first-time actors, both rising stars of US and international cinema, who give proof of two extraordinary performances, without which the film would not have been the same. Here are all the names that make up the main cast of the new work by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Cooper Hoffman is Gary Valentine in Licorice Pizza

Co-star of Licorice Pizza, the teenager Gary who dreams of becoming an actor. Between school commitments, stage performances and auditions, he also has a passion for the world of entrepreneurship and launches into numerous and unique deals that sometimes turn out to be excellent investments. Gary is portrayed by Cooper Hoffmanborn in 2003, debut actor, son of the great performer Philip Seymour Hoffman, who passed away in 2014. Licorice Pizza is his first film, for which he received major nominations including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

Alana Haim is Alana Kane in Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza

Co-star of Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Alana Kane works as an assistant in a photography studio and joins Gary in his commercial activities. Bright and unpredictable Alana is twenty-five and often points out the age gap between her and Gary and his friends. Even the actress who plays Alana Kane, Alana Haim, is a rookie interpreter. Born in 1991 in Los Angeles, she is known as a singer. She is indeed a member of the band Haim, of which the sisters Este and Danielle belong and where she plays guitar and piano. The band Haim recorded 3 studio albums and 19 singles and, in 2021, won the first BRIT Award for Best Foreign Group. Alana Haim received a Grammy Award nomination and participated in 2 TV documentaries, entitled Documentary Now! And The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. Licorice Pizza it is her first feature film and she too received a Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination for the role along with other accolades.

Skyler Gisondo is Lance

Licorice Pizza

Lance, Gary’s co-star in a play, is very interested in Alana and she also seems to want to know him better. In fact, the two begin dating. Face of Lance, Skyler Gisondoclass of 1996, born in Palm Beach, American actor of Italian origin, made his debut as a child actor at the age of 7 as a guest star in numerous TV series, winning a Young Artist Award in 2009 for the show The Bill Engvall Show where he plays for 30 episodes. Participating over the years also in Psych where he plays the role of the protagonist, continuing to appear several times on the small screen, participates in a series of films including The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – The Power of Electro, A night at the museum – The Pharaoh’s Secret, How I spoil your holidays, The Social Dilemma, The starling’s nest and many others.

Sean Penn is Jack Holden

sean penn

Alcoholic actor who meets Alana at an audition, Jack Holden is loosely based on William HoldenHollywood actor, one of the biggest movie stars, winner of the Oscar in 1954 for Stalag 17, and who for many years suffered from alcoholism and depression. Played the actor, director and producer, 2 times Oscar winner, Sean Penn. Born in 1960, born in Santa Monica and Academy Award winner for Mystic River And Milk. Son of art is famous for having taken part in famous films such as Carlito’s Way, Dead Man Walking – Sentenced to death, The thin red line, Being John Malkovich, Mystic River, 21 grams, Milk, The Tree of Life, This Must Be the Place and many others. Also an acclaimed director, he was acclaimed for films 3 days for the truth And Into the Wild – In the wilds.

Tom Waits is Rex Blau in Licorice Pizza

tom waits citizen

Director who worked with Jack Holden, the two are linked by a famous scene that made Jack Holden famous, namely a stunt where with a motorcycle he climbs a fiery ramp into a golf course. Face of Rex Blau the Licorice Pizza, Tom Waits, born in 1949, singer-songwriter and musician, as well as an American actor. Born in Pomona, he is considered one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century, during his career as an interpreter he has collaborated with directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Jim Jarmusch, Robert Altman, Terry Gilliam. In the musical field you have released 29 albums winning a Grammy Award. As an actor he has participated in major hits including The boys of 56th street, Rusty the savage, The legend of the fisher king, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The tiger and the snow, 7 psychopaths, Old Man & the Gun, The ballad of Buster Scruggs, The dead don’t die and many others.

Bradley Cooper is Jon Peters

Bradley Cooper

Also Jon Peters, like Jack Holden, is inspired by a real-life Hollywood name. Peters was a famous producer he dated Barbra Streisand in the 70s. In Licorice Pizza he is a character who can become dangerous, at times psychotic, characterized by an egocentrism bordering on the absurd. Jon Peters is portrayed by Bradley CooperAmerican actor, director, screenwriter and producer, born in 1975, born in Abington, known both for the films of Hangover, The truth is he does not like you enough, Bright side, Like a thunder, American Hustle – Appearances can be deceiving, American Sniper, Joy, The taste of success, A Star Is Born, The Fair of Illusions – Nightmare Alley and many others

Benny Safdie is Joel Wachs

Benny Safdie

Joel Wachs it is inspired by the former Los Angeles city councilor at the dawn of his career and Alana works for him when he sees a bright future in the world of politics. Face of Wachs in Licorice Pizza, Benny Safdieborn in 1986, born in New York and brother of Josh Safdiedirectors and screenwriters very active in independent cinema and authors of Good Time And Rough diamonds, along with numerous short films and video clips. Shooting short Super 8s as children, at university the two brothers formed, together with other companions, the collective Red Bucket Films, where they cover numerous roles: directors, actors, screenwriters, cinematographers and editors. The turning point in the career of both came in 2009 with the film Daddy Longlegs which wins the Independent Spirit Awards, which opens the way to success for them.

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