Luis Majul’s sharp comment: “We are governed by psychopaths”

In his classic opinion column in The cornice, the host of LN+, Luis Majulpointed harshly against the leadership of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner. “We have just broken a new record: being considered one of the most corrupt governments in the world,” the journalist pointed out.

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Attention: Joaquín Morales Solá has just concluded that Cristina Kirchner is leaving the government. And the number two of the Cámpora, Andrés Larroque, as if he were not part of this “Front for Disaster”, ends by denouncing: “The silence and parsimony of the government in the face of the attack on the vice president’s office are stunning.”

The “Raven” wanted to wet the president’s ear. Because she used the same concept as when Alberto accused Cristina of remaining silent in the face of Alberto Nisman’s murder. It should be reminded that what really continues to stun Argentines is Cristina’s silence about:

But it’s not just a lack of empathy. It is something even more serious. Something that the film director, Pablo Racioppi, warned, while denouncing what he defined as a trucho montage, at the conclusion: “We are ruled by psychopaths.”

“We are governed by Psychopaths.” Luis Majul’s editorial

If it weren’t for the fact that it’s full of gross and outrageous lies, the short with the intergalactic stone making a carom and the splinters of glass falling right on Evita’s books, Diego’s painting and Néstor Kirchner’s statue, it would provoke mocking giggles, and embarrassment alien However, it is even worse, if you look at it as the last, but not the only, act of political psychopathy.

The first act of political psychopathy occurred on May 18, 2019. It was the surprise announcement of the unnatural presidential formula. Do you remember? It had the same aesthetic of the last fake video, and the hidden signature of culture psychopath and VIP vaccinated, Tristán Bauer.

The second act of psychopathy was committed by Cristina and her henchmen, trying to raise to the nth degree a fake case for alleged illegal espionage that, as it was shown, it was recontra rigged.

I wouldn’t underestimate them. They are the same psychopaths from the story who made half the country believe that the death of Santiago Maldonado was the product of a forced disappearance. They even put on a movie, sustaining that vile lie.

They are the same bad people who wanted to put us in jail. The one that included Jorge Lanata and me, in “the sale” of the trout movie “Tierra Arrasada”. It is Cristina, with her letter bomb from last year, extorting money with the massive resignation of the big boys of the Cámpora, playing Russian roulette, betting to break everything.

It’s Fernanda Vallejos, a Cristina with worse manners, calling mequetefre and occupying the President and appearing in a recent act together with the same wretch who stepped on the stones of the memory of those killed by COVID in the Plaza de Mayo. In the last few hours, these guys came close to pushing us over the edge.

They were about to send us into default. To madness December 2001. Do you remember? They avoided it, first, the two thirds of the deputies of Together for Change, the legislators of Ah, but Macri. But beware. Because the lying amplification of the “attack” could be the first great excuse to start a dangerous escalation against the government.

Luis Majul affirmed that “we are governed by psychopaths”Capture

because this weekCristina, angry at the defeat, could play Julio Cobos, as Luis D’elia revealed, a few hours ago. Because now it seems that Cristina and Máximo Hazard immediately want Martín Guzmán’s head, while threatening complete rupture. Because from now on, they are going to have to govern, with the All Broken Front, in the midst of the adjustment, the tariff hikes, the inflation and the rise in prices that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing.

They are going to have to govern in the middle of the minefield of a delirious electoral race that began this very week, with the reelectionist fantasies raised in half a language by the President in José C. Paz. That is why it is essential to have memory.

Do not succumb to Cristina’s narcissism or megalomania. Do not eat the curve, nor buy the theater of the good cop and the bad cop. Nor the mediator who saved the potatoes. It is urgent to expose his lies and his business, as we are going to do today, in the debut program of the twenty-third season of The cornice.

So you can see how Cristina continues to use state assets in a discretionary manner, without informing the reasons, as if they were her property. So you know that we have not forgotten what happened in Corrientes. That is why today we are going to show you the incredible expenses that Minister Juan Cabandié made while part of Argentina was on fire.

And we are going to tell you why, in addition to having the highest inflation on the planet and the highest country risk, we have also just broken a new record: that of being considered one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Luis Majul’s sharp comment: “We are governed by psychopaths”