Luna and Céline Frémont in danger | Simon back on the farm

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4619 of Friday September 16, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Eric has decided to sell his apartment to pay for Simon’s medical room. Beautiful gesture of love. Kevin is doing well. Revel puts pressure on his teams with the escapees who are at large.

Read the full PBLV recap season 18 episode 4619 of 09/16/2022 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Police mobilized to find escapees

Find it full summary of More beautiful life of Friday, September 16, 2022 episode 4619 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 09/15/2022 .

Pavel takes the risk of confronting Kevin…and Lorraine punches him. They all decide to escape. Pavel gives the keys for them to come loose.

Revel is pissed, murderers are out there. Kevin only has head trauma. Nebout, Boher and Ariane have to struggle. Revel does not want the press to know the identity of the escapees to avoid panic.

Gabriel announces good news to Simon: the MRI is completely normal. Simon can’t go home right away because he needs rehabilitation between 3 months and 2 years.

Mathis doesn’t want to go to school because he wants to stay with his parents. Emma draws a heart in her hand: it’s the reserve of kisses for the day. Baptiste finds that Emma is a mother.


Ariane has bad news for Luna

Eric comes to see Gabriel because he finds Simon very depressed about his recovery. 3 months is too far…Eric would like to speed up his release. Eric asks Gabriel how much it costs for a medical room with the doctors: it’s 200,000 euros for 3 months.

Kevin PBLV

Laetitia at the bedside of her son Kevin

Emilie feels guilty for not having seen anything for Vanessa. Romain tries to reassure her. Sylvia doesn’t want to leave her room anymore, she thinks it’s her fault for everything that happened to Romain.

Laetitia comes to see her son Kevin who is still hospitalized: Laetitia lectures Boher, he could have been killed in the face of psychopaths.
Kevin tells Boher that before the accident: the prisoners were talking about revenge. Pavel was talking about Luna while Livia wanted to take a trip to the mistral.

emma pblv

Emma and Baptiste are just happy

Baptiste thanks Emma for giving him a second chance because he behaved badly.

Eric announces to Simon that he is setting up a medical room on the farm. Eric sells his apartment and the bank has set up a bridging loan.

is life more beautiful

Estelle happy to find Vidal

Ariane comes to Zéphyr to talk to Luna and Bastien to announce that Pavel escaped during the prison transfer.
Luna confides in Bastien that Pavel was her lover before she discovers that he was a criminal.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4619 of September 16, 2022: Pavel the enemy n ° 1 of the police

Estelle is happy to find Vidal at the office. Romain needs to get back to work to clear his mind. Mirta is the first patient…she comes for her cancer follow-up.

Leo more beautiful life

Leo learns of Agathe’s presence but does not say anything to Claire for the moment.

Céline Frémont comes to see Léo at the mistral to tell him that one of his clients Agathe escaped during the convoy. She fell back into prostitution, she is accused of having killed her pimp.

Small aperitif with Baptiste, Emma, ​​Lola, Gabriel and Thomas.
Emma offers Kylian and Lola a family nature weekend with Thomas and Gabriel. Mathis would be happy too.


Memory of Agathe and Léo Castelli

Céline Frémont is in danger, Livia is in her apartment.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie of September 16, 2022: what to remember

Livia more beautiful life

Livia ready to take action?

– Livia has found her first target, Céline Frémont
– Leo is disturbed when he learns that Agathe has escaped
– Eric makes a beautiful gesture of love towards Simon with the medical room
– Kevin just has a little head trauma
– Romain Vidal resumes consultations

Our opinion

The +

  • The happy endings for Simon and Eric as well as Emma and Baptiste are really nice
  • The intrigue of the escapees sows trouble in the mistral: Léo, Céline and Luna are the first concerned
  • Nice flashback to Agathe and Leo’s love story


  • Revel appears as chief at the police station but nothing more on the private side, let’s hope that Elsa will make her comeback before the end!
  • Boher hasn’t spoken of Léa…for several months lol

Main Cast

Anne Decis, Marwan Berreni, Cécila Hornus, Pierre Martot, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François, Stéphane Henon…

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Luna and Céline Frémont in danger | Simon back on the farm – More beautiful life September 16, 2022 (episode 4619)