Manuel Masalva talks about “The Secret of the Greco Family” and the dark scenes with Fernando Colunga

The actor, known for “Narcos México”, plays the role of Fernando Colunga’s son in this series that focuses on a wave of crimes based on real events. It will premiere on Netflix on November 4.

“The Secret of the Greco Family” It is a story of unbridled ambition and cold blooded crimes that according to Manuel Masalvapromises to lead us to the border between good and evil for trying to preserve an economic status.

The new original production by Telemundo Streaming Studios and Underground for Netflix is ​​inspired by real events and based on the Argentine series “Historia de un Clan”. This nucleus of wealthy criminals will seek to catch targets with their charms, in a series of crimes that happened in 1980.

During an interview with the Mexican actor, known for the series “Narcos:Mexico“, He told us some details of the series as well as the return of Fernando Colungawho plays the patriarch of the family.

Manuel is Andres Grecoa young man with a normal life, has a girlfriend, friends and aspires to become independent, but the tough figure of his father Aquiles Grego (Colunga) causes him to be involved in dark events.

“He is a character that was a very big challenge for me as an actor. It is a very dark series but at the same time very attractive and we never fully understand the conflict that Achilles has to create these dark and atrocious circumstances.”

He also assured that although initially he did not know that Fernando Colunga would be in the project, when he was given the opportunity to join this series that premieres on November 4, he felt very excited:

“Fernando’s character is incredible, both in his characterization and in the script, I think you’re going to love it. Personally, it was an invaluable learning experience, unparalleled, for which I am very grateful.”

“The scenes with Fernando and Lisa were very deep, as an actor I really like to connect and give myself in each scene and with these two actors it was like a master class. We were filming but at the same time I was growing and learning more and more. It was a lot of fun to put yourself in the shoes of these characters, ”she assured.

About these circumstances of life that sometimes take you to the limit, Manuel told us:

“I think it’s something that’s inevitable in life and as an actor, for the character, it’s much richer, more interesting to have these situations that lead the character to so much change, revolution and growth.”

The Secret of the Greco Family, details:

The story focuses on the Greco, during the 1980s in Jalisco, Mexico, who under the facade of being a traditional family hide being a clan of criminals who kidnap, torture and murder their victims if they do not get the ransom in cash.

The crimes are led by Aquiles Greco (Colunga), a retired officer who is disciplined and authoritarian, willing to do anything to maintain his family’s status. Marta Ochoa (Lisa Owen), his wife, is an ambitious woman who belonged to a “well-off” social class and was the key that allowed Aquiles to access certain circles of power and prestige.

As a result of the strong economic crisis unleashed by the outgoing government, the family business was mortally “wounded” and from that moment on, the Ochoa fortune began a downward path. Achilles’ need not to lose his status and to continue “belonging”, to give his family a last name that continues to be worthy of respect, will gradually reveal his lack of prejudice.

He gives in to his ambition and unleashes his inner psychopath. He is a master of deception, and that will allow him to lead a double life that few will know to start a series of events that will be marked by horror. With a perverse move, he will use the support of his sons to access the victims, kidnap them and demand millionaire ransoms.

After managing to persuade him, his son Andrés (Manuel Masalva) will be his great bait to access the victims. Thus, the young man becomes the hook to be able to kidnap very wealthy people, and it is through him that his father begins with his “clan” to make intelligence about the powerful of high society with whom his son is related. , gathers information about their wealth, their movements and their links, to later kidnap them and demand millionaire ransoms.

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Manuel Masalva talks about “The Secret of the Greco Family” and the dark scenes with Fernando Colunga