‘Maricucha 2’: Christian Domínguez returns to acting with a novel by Michelle Alexander

Christian Domínguez will be the new member of ‘Maricucha 2’. America TV.

christian dominguez resumes his facet as an actor and will participate in the second season of the series ‘sissy 2‘. The singer would be the new pull of ‘Del Barrio Producciones’, and will be under the direction of Michelle Alexander.

According to the advance of the soap opera, you can see the couple of Pamela Franco dressed as a cowboy with Maricucha, who is personified by the actress Patricia Barretto.

“When she was finally determined to say yes… a new chongo from the Corbacho Bello… With a broken heart, she will distance herself seeking refuge with her family,” the voiceover of the promotional video begins.

In addition, in the audiovisual material it can be seen that Christian will have a role that is very close to the protagonist, since he lives with her mother in her hometown.

On the other hand, it could be deduced that it would be Maricucha’s brother from a scene in the clip, where Christian calms her down and then she says: “On top of that, my mom and my brother change me for my cousin, who must have thought they were coming to take my place,” expresses the extroverted actress.

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As you remember, christian dominguez He has already participated in several fictions that Michelle Alexander has made as novels such as; ‘My love, the wachimán’, ‘Nectar in the sky’, ‘My name is not Natacha’ among others.

So far it is not known if it will have a short participation or will be present in the entire history of the soap opera that is broadcast on América Televisión.

Christian Domínguez returns to acting with his participation in the soap opera ‘Maricucha 2’. America TV.

Likewise, Maricucha will have another lover, since a young man appears who will steal many sighs from her and she will meet him in her new home. The person in charge of giving life to this new character would be Carlos Alonso Thornton Olanoson of the well-remembered actor Carlos Thornton.

According to the video images, the new boy will rescue Maricucha from various difficulties and she will be delighted with him, until Renato Corbacho (Andres Vilchez), who is his partner and whom he was about to marry.

Carlos Thornton will participate in 'Maricucha 2'.  America TV.
Carlos Thornton will participate in ‘Maricucha 2’. America TV.

As is known and according to the advances, María Augusta would not marry Renato and would again fight with the Corbacho Bello family, for this reason, she decides to return to her land to visit her mother who will be played by the actress Norka Ramirez and all his family.

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Renato would go after her, experiencing all the adventures to reach that area of ​​Peru, however he will not like what he will find because his girlfriend is being conquered by someone else.

‘Del Barrio Productions‘ The recordings of the fun soap opera began a few weeks ago in beautiful settings in Cajamarca. The director of the production company, Michelle Alexander, commented that ‘Maricucha 2’ promises to once again win over its viewers who had fun this summer with the first installment.

In addition, Alexander expressed his enthusiasm for the start of the recordings and highlighted the script that will now be in charge of the experienced Rita Solf. “It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure that the public will have very entertaining moments as it has been happening with me and the whole team,” she said.

Maricucha and Renato Corbacho.  From the Neighborhood Productions.
Maricucha and Renato Corbacho. From the Neighborhood Productions.


‘Maricucha 2’: Christian Domínguez returns to acting with a novel by Michelle Alexander