Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes tell us about “Revancha Ya”, their friendship and Uma Thurman

In the 1987 film “Fatal Attraction,” Glenn Close, turned into a jealous psychopath, goes after a married man with whom she slept during a night of excess. She stalks him, pours acid on his car and threatens him with a false pregnancy. She takes revenge, as do Drea (Camila Mendez) and Eleanor (maya hawke) in “Revancha ya”, the new bet of Netflix. For these characters, Close’s attitude is not a negative projection of pain, but a necessary energy they call ‘Glenergy’. For this reason, the director of the film, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, used the resource of retaliation to tell a teenage story that leaves many lessons.

As in Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of the novel “Strangers on a Train” on which “Revancha ya” is inspired, the film by Netflix it also shows us the alliance of two people with a common purpose. While in the classic film we see the sinister pact of a psychopath with a tennis player, in the Netflix film, Drea and Eleanor, two young people from different social circles, come together to avenge the damage done to them, on the one hand, by an ex-boyfriend (Austin Abrams) and, on the other, a former friend (Ava Capri).

The netflix movie “Do Revenge” (by its name in English) brings out the most villainous side of the actresses of “Riverdale” and “Stranger things”. is a black comedy from the popular American director, Jennifer K. Robinson.
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“With producer Peter Cron we wanted to make a movie for teenagers. We thought about how to enter the youth genre within a high school. We were talking about how much we loved adaptations and that’s how the idea of ​​reimagining Hitchcock’s work came about.”Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explained to us during a videoconference with El Comercio.

In “Revancha ya”, topics such as sexting, bullying, corruption, toxic popularity, “revenge porn” (images shared without consent), among others, are addressed. Ultimately, it’s risky to talk about sensitive issues like misogyny or gender at a high school like Rosehill Country Day, where teens are portrayed as prodigies, orators, and entrepreneurs. All this without going to therapy.

Maya Hawke is Eleanor Leventan in "Do Revenge". Other films in which the actress has participated are "Fear Street: Part One—1994", "Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood", "HumanCapital", "mainstream" Y "Italian Studies".
Maya Hawke is Eleanor Leventan in “Do Revenge.” Other films in which the actress has participated are “Fear Street: Part One — 1994”, “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, “Human Capital”, “Mainstream” and “Italian Studies”. / Courtesy of Netflix


A script like the one for “Revancha ya” that presents a contradictory world, progressive but violent, needed actors capable of interpreting the black humor of its lines. According to K. Robinson, he had no one in mind other than Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and Austin Abrams to play Drea, Eleanor and Max, her leading trio. In the case of the first two, the friendship and chemistry was instantaneous from the first day they met on the film set.

“Everything was very natural. One time, we sat down and just talked about life, love and our families. That moment felt like we were at a sleepover. Later, we joined as friends for many more things “Mendes commented to this newspaper about the relationship he established with Hawke off camera.

Maya Hawke and Talia Ryder play teenagers Eleanor and Gabbi in "Do Revenge".
Maya Hawke and Talia Ryder play teenagers Eleanor and Gabbi in “Do Revenge.”

A video posted by the director of “Do Revenge” on Instagram gave proof of that good chemistry. In this recording, the actresses are seen jumping on the trampoline of the “house of a person with a lot of money”, as Hawke referred to the location in Atlanta. It was the second day of filming and they wore the costumes of one of the most important scenes of the film, in which Maya, who is the daughter of the actors Ethan Hawke Y umma thurmanShe looks more like her mother than ever.

“My mother and I didn’t talk much about this movie”Hawke comments. “She saw it and loved it. She really liked a scene where there’s a shot of my shoes…but I can’t spoil it. I’ll just say that she loved her, she really did.”, assured the young actress, who will start recording another black comedy during the spring. It will be a dark humor thriller, “The Kill Room”, which will be shot in New Jersey and New York. The first film where she acts alongside Thurman.

In "Do Revenge, one of the guest appearances is Sophie Turner. fans of "Game of Thrones" They will remember her for the character of Sansa Stark. In the Netflix movie, she plays the character of Erica Norman, a teenage tennis player whose summer is ruined by Drea (Camila Mendes).
In “Do Revenge”, one of the special appearances is Sophie Turner. “Game Of Thrones” fans will remember her for the character of Sansa Stark. In the Netflix film, she plays the character of Erica Norman, a teenage tennis player whom Drea (Camila Mendes) ruins the summer. / Courtesy of Netflix


maya hawke Y Camila Mendez they do not stand out as protagonists without having the main villain, who motivates the action of the characters. Austin Abrams, Max in fiction, is the anchor point of the story. He is a young man desperate for attention, but sensitive and incoherent, like any teenager. When he exposes the sex tape of his girlfriend, Drea, and excuses himself as a victim of illegal hacking, he unleashes a scandal and ends the social life of Rosehill’s most popular and perfect student.

“Honestly, I chose Austin, because he, as a person, is not like Max at all”Jennifer K. Robinson commented. “For these characters, I prefer to cast actors who are almost or totally the opposite of the guy. I like that Max is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think he wraps the character in that. In fact, Austin is the sweetest person you could ever meet. He is so charming. This movie allowed him to show another side of himself. Because the actor is so nice and easygoing, Max is even richer as a character.”.

Director of “Revancha Ya” reveals the true personality of Austin Abrams
Austin Abrams is Max in the netflix movie “Do Revenge” (for his name in English). director Jennifer K. Robinson’s black comedy stars Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes.

In the conflict of “Do Revenge”, Eleanor (Maya Hawke) is a key player. Looking disheveled and gloomy, she arrives at school as the new student. She immediately meets Drea and tells her her story: a young woman, whom she had fallen in love with, broke her heart and pushed her to shame when she did not want to accept Drea’s sexual orientation. she. So, both decide to come up with a strategy to take revenge on the people who hurt them.

For two young actresses, who come from massive shows like “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale”, the destroyed and perverse characters of the cinema are something new, compared to the roles they handled in the television series.

“I think in ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Stranger Things,’ often our characters are heroines. But, in ‘Do Revenge,’ everyone is a villain.”Mendes thinks.

“It is that, in reality, each work is different and each character is also different”says Maya Hawke. “There is only one experience of filming on the set of a program, versus, to a film, where other things exist. Each character is their own little butterfly.”


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“Revancha ya” (“Do Revenge”) premiered on Netflix on Friday, September 16.


Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes tell us about “Revancha Ya”, their friendship and Uma Thurman