Michael C. Hall (Dexter): “The final episode was infuriating”

On the occasion of the broadcast of the spin-off of Dexter, entitled New Blood, Michael C. Hall gave an interview to the magazine Public. In all transparency, the actor assured that he did not like the end of the series.

Between 2006 and 2013, Michael C. Hall played Dexter Morgan in the Dexter series. In the latter, the actor lent his features to an expert in forensic medicine who is actually a psychopath choosing to channel his murderous impulses by killing criminals. While the series was entitled to a spin-off, it was in an interview with the magazine Audience that Michael C. Hall revealed to have approached the role with more wisdom. “When I became this character again, I understood that it was necessary to integrate the fact that I was no longer the same man, me either… I probably couldn’t jump from a roof or shoot scenes that were too physical ! Today, Dexter has aged like everyone else. Above all, he asks himself a lot of questions about his relationship with his son and lives in the countryside, far from Miami…“, he revealed.

During this interview, the actor confided that he had agreed to resume his legendary role because he had been frustrated with the end of the series: “The final episode, with Dexter faking his own death, was inconsistent and infuriating. We had a feeling of incompleteness, the impression that a piece of the puzzle was missing. It’s quite a challenge to replay a character that I had left for so long. Even if deep down, he never really left me! He was still inside me. It just had to be reactivated.“In October 2020, the series’ producer, Clyde Phillips, had assured that the spin-off would be an opportunity to correct the controversial finale. In a podcast, he had explained: “Ten years, approximately, will have passed between the finale and the moment when the revival will be broadcast. And we want the series to reflect that passage of time. As for the end of the series, it will be nothing like the original finale. It’s a great opportunity to write a second ending. It’s a chance to get it right.

The Dexter series was entitled to its spin-off

Happy to have slipped into the skin of Dexter Morgan, Michael C. Hall confided in an interview granted to Tele-Leisure : “I think that, contrary to appearances, he is very human. We all have to face a bit of darkness, even if, fortunately, we don’t have murderous urges. We try to be the best version of ourselves, whatever our role.Humorously, the actor added:I think people like being able to identify with an immoral character.

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Michael C. Hall (Dexter): “The final episode was infuriating”