Mike Amigorena: “Fear makes you retrograde”

Mike Amigorena is one of the actors who has made the most of the rise of series for platforms and now he joins Limbo, from STAR+, starring Clara Lago, which tells the behind-the-scenes of a complicated family succession. To find out more about his work in it, created by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat and directed by Agustina Macri, newspaper Hoy spoke exclusively with Amigorena.

—Feelings for the premiere?

—I am very proud to be part of a top-of-the-range team, from the scriptwriters, the art, all the items are top-of-the-range and I am proud because the public is going to see an international project.

—What did you like the most about the project?

—In my case, the complete dissimilarity with me, a place of zero comfort, and the challenge of not being noticed.

—What was it like meeting Esteban Pérez and Clara Lago to compose the leading trio of brothers?

—We had rehearsals, full of screens, masks, we came back from the pandemic, there was a need for visual contact, with the team. In the first meeting everything was already very easy. Clara is divine.

—Did you take any reference from other series where inheritance is the goal? Already the fact of seeing you in a suit all the chapters is strong…

-The locker room tells me a lot, I’m not so solemn, I close my eyes and see the behavior, then well, I have to carry it out. I saw some episodes of Succession, Family Guy, American Psychopath, and also having references to very wealthy people I know, who have a default behavior, in spite of themselves, with some gesture or word that is imposed. It seems to me that the most defined character is that of Ignacio, the others are more complex; it was very familiar approaching the character.

—Working on this type of project brings you closer to cinema and theater than to traditional television?

—Yes, with the dynamics of television you have 20 scenes per day. Here it is different, nobody runs away from you, they are different methods.

—Are you judging the characters?

—I live judging it because your perception of common sense gets mixed up, I live doing it. Many times it makes sense, other times it doesn’t, and it’s a bit for my head to deal with and understand. Sometimes just out of curiosity, not to object, is to address what is written in order to understand it. Saying this I never do.

—Which of all the topics that the series works on interested you the most?

—Inclusion, respect for the other, being able to take into account the strength of women, that is fundamental in these times. We have to spread it because it is like that, the future is going to be like that, I am sure that in the future there will be a very rich mixture without the problems that we have due, precisely, to fear. Undoubtedly, fear makes you retrograde and Limbo is there to reassure and open heads saying hurry up because this is how it is.

What does Limbo tell, the long-awaited Argentine blockbuster?

In Limbo, Sofía (Clara Lago) seems to have it all: a glamorous life, a family that indulges her every whim, and great friends who are her accomplices in her daring lifestyle. When his father (Enrique Piñeyro) dies, he must return to Buenos Aires, his place of origin, and face a heavy legacy that includes the family business, the rivalry with his two brothers (Mike Amigorena and Esteban Pérez) and the discovery of a unknown facet of his father. Motivated to show that she can be more than just an expensive adornment, Sofia will embark on a path full of setbacks, but also revelations. Limbo tells a relevant story and at the same time representative of different realities, through which the audience can see themselves reflected. With a unique and disruptive tone, the series places a strong female character at the center of the scene who struggles to make a place for herself in a male environment. Social and class questions are also part of the plot, which comes to life through a range of diverse and charismatic characters who break with preconceptions and stereotypes, played by an outstanding cast from Spain and Argentina.

Mike Amigorena: “Fear makes you retrograde” – Diario Hoy