Model 77, critically acclaimed, arrives in Jaén by award

Ángel Vera, Jesús Carroza and Alberto Rodríguez. / you

This Thursday, together with the actor Jesús Carroza, the feature film was presented at the Spanish Film Meetings organized by the Diputación

Seventeen years ago the project for the filming of the film Modelo 77 began to be worked out. Today it has 16 nominations for the Goya Awards for Spanish cinema, 14 for the Carmen Awards of the Andalusian Film Academy, 5 for the Feroz Awards and 2 for the José María Forqué Awards. Today, Jaén has received its director, Alberto Rodríguez, and one of its protagonists, Jesús Carroza, who have participated in the Spanish Film Meetings organized by the Provincial Council and which have been held for no more and no less than thirty years. Tonight closes the year of meetings that since its inception have been 245 with film directors and actors.

The film will be screened at La Loma cinemas and afterwards a talk-discussion will be held with the public where the director and actor will answer the questions of the spectators and will tell how they have lived the experience of this filming.

«As a director, the film makes me reflect and draw many conclusions, and not all of them are positive, about the current situation in which we live. As a person, I take with me all the people I have met during the project through the interviews we have carried out with people who were involved with the Copel movement and who at the time of the transition fought to obtain better conditions in Spanish prisons» , declared Alberto Rodríguez moments before the screening of the feature film. The director has had an impact on how the spirit of those people who lived through that situation and their way of seeing life has reached him.

Javier Carroza, one of the protagonists, has accompanied the director at the presentation of the film in the capital. “When Alberto presented the project to me, I didn’t think twice, he is a character who is very well written and who lives a relationship of friendship, camaraderie and injustice during the plot”, the actor pointed out.

Both the director and the actor (both from Seville) have visited the province of Jaén on several occasions for professional reasons or for pleasure and they affirm that they have loved it. “Jaén has always welcomed me very well and I hope that the film will be well received”, Alberto declared. For his part, Javier Carroza has presented several films in the capital and acknowledges that they have always received him with great enthusiasm.

True story

Model 77 deals with the situation that was taking place in Spanish prisons during the transition in 1977, in this case in the Model 77 prison in Barcelona, ​​where a series of prisoners started a movement to fight for improvements in the quality of life. As a result of starting the protests, a leak was carried out. The feature film is based on a true story.

The story begins with the entry into prison of Manuel (played by Manuel Herrán) with a sentence of between 10 and 20 years, a disproportionate punishment for the amount of his crime. Soon, together with his cellmate, Pino (Javier Gutiérrez), he joins a group of common prisoners that is organizing to demand an amnesty. A war for freedom begins that will shake the Spanish prison system. His motto is that “if things are changing outside, they will have to change inside too”.

“For seventeen years I have thought about making this film, when the Modelo prison in Barcelona was closed in 2017, I thought that the moment was close because I wanted to shoot in real spaces,” said the film’s director.

Lastly, the deputy for Culture and Sports, Ángel Vera, highlighted the professional career of both professionals. “Alberto has 4 Goya awards and more than 60 national and international awards, and Jesús also has a Goya award and various nominations, so it is a pride that they are here today in Jaén,” he highlighted.

The deputy also wanted to highlight the importance of these Meetings with the Spanish Cinemas that «have been held for 30 years and that close the year in style with the presentation of this film.

Model 77, critically acclaimed, arrives in Jaén by award-winning director Alberto Rodríguez