Only murders in the building 2: review of the tenth episode

Shakespeare wrote: “The whole world is a stage, women and men are just actors who enter and leave the stage”. And indeed the theater has always been watching us from around a corner. In 19 episodes we heard about it from Oliver, an inexhaustible mine of anecdotes and former theater director. We heard about it more or less directly from his son Will, from Dimas, from Amy Schumer. Moreover, the construction of podcasts is itself theatricality: diction, effect phrases, correct intonations, repetition of lines to make them incisive. The theater, as I was saying, hovers over this TV series like a magical dust, which makes everything more intense and vivid.

And after 2 seasons of twists, the last episode I must confess that it did not disappoint my expectations. The whole episode is a great and hilarious roller coaster ride, built with a great sense of irony and performance. If it is true that men are actors, this is especially true for the inhabitants of the Arconiatrue professionals of deception, misdirection, double lives, secrets.

Oliver, Charles and Mabel finally arrive at the solution of the case.

The Season Finale (Spoiler)

In the penultimate episode, the three realized that everything revolves around the pocast All is not OK in Oklahoma and the disappearance of Becky Butler, who is actually Poppy, Cinda’s assistant. It begins to make room for the idea that Cinda can organize the murders to get her podcast material, and that she is indeed the criminal mastermind behind Bunny’s murder. But how to make her confess?

I have a feeling we haven’t found an ending yet


Mabel, Oliver and Charles try in every way to steal information about Cinda by questioning Poppy: what bothers her, what terrifies her, how to do psychological pressure? Sitting in the diner where Bunny went, the three discover what the phrase “14 savage” means. Bunny, before she died, actually said “Sandwich 14”, which is Poppy’s favorite sandwich. This discovery sets the tone for the second half of the episode, which has a frenetic and galvanizing pace.

The finale takes place in Bunny’s apartment at the Arconia. All the tenants more or less involved, Cinda, Poppy, the gallery owner Alice and the parrot Mrs Gambolini are all invited to “A party with the murderer”, to reveal the name of the killer to everyone. With various (hilarious) tricks they try to make Cinda confess. But without success, because Cinda is innocent. The real culprit, according to Mabel, is Alice: she accuses her in front of everyone and Alice stabs Charles. Cinda congratulates Mabel and offers her a job. At this point, the final act of the comedy / tragedy is ready to be served: Poppy, who has been abused by Cinda all along, goes mad with jealousy and reveals herself to her psychopath that she is her. She just wanted her place in the world, some success, a new life with the complicity of Detective Kreps.

A hook wow for the third season

Everything flows smoothly in the lives of Charles, Oliver and Mabel. We are at the premiere of Oliver’s play, with Charles as the protagonist. Everyone is cheerful except Charles arguing with co-star Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd). I repeat: Paul Rudd, my beloved Ant-man!

An apparition from jaw to the ground, a few seconds after the end of the episode: he takes the stage after arguing with Charles, after a joke he stops, faints, dies. Will there be a season 3? Apparently the mood is that. In the meantime, if you want to indulge yourself with parallel theories, afterthoughts, detective details, the Facebook page dedicated to Only Murders in the Building is a real blast and will make you feel less waiting.

Micaela Paciotti

Only murders in the building 2: review of the tenth episode