Opinion and audience Face to face (France 3): a season 2 is looming!

Face to face the new series of France 3 with Claire Borotra examining magistrate and Constance Gay cop every Tuesday from March 15, 2022 What is the story? The indiscretions on the complete cast and the shooting. Find the Tuesday evening TV reviews and ratings for the Face à face TV series. A season 2 for Face à face in view of the audience success?

Face to face the new hit series: reviews of the series

Face to face the series of France 3 modernizes the legal series, the endearing characters with the difficult relations between the half-sisters. The investigations fascinate the viewers over the episodes where the professional life mixes with the private life of the protagonists.

Face to face season 2: the renewed series?

Face to face season 2 in 2023? Claire Borotra confides to Télé 7 jours that she is ready to re-enlist and that the whole team really wants it. The good news is that the scenarios are almost ready. She admits “Beyond the investigations, it’s a series full of joy and light. This is what people need. “Face to face audiences are excellent and very stable over the weeks.
If the renewal of season 2 of Face to face is recorded, there will only be 8 episodes.

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face to face season 1

France 3 launches a new detective TV series entitled Face to face in which we find in the casting Claire Borotra, Constance Gay, Pascal Demolon or Marc Ruchmann. In the rest of the distribution of Face to Face, we find Agnès Soral, Eric Savin or Alain Doutey.

Face to Face season 1 consists of 12 episodes. Broadcast from Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Synopsis of France 2 of France 3 : We have Vanessa the instinctive cop who breaks the rules to arrest the murderers and Justine the judge, very procedural who ensures that the culprit is well convicted. Their common point is their father. Justine and Vanessa are condemned to live and work together.

Face to face is the series a copy of Women of Law (broadcast several years ago on TF1)? Claire Borotra told Sudinfo.be “ Our characters make the series hyper-unique. We also make the link between the private side and the professional. For example, Justine’s personal misadventures will give her additional humanity in the performance of her duties. Regarding the surveys, they are also innovative, because they are centered on the human. These are not necessarily murders. We really immerse ourselves in people’s intimacy. » Also, she feels that Face to Face is different.

Sébastien Charbit (CEO of Third eye story) confides to Media + of the new series Face to face with the duo of investigators. “Our characters are linked by the investigations, but opposed in their methods. These are 2 sisters who will discover a father in common. No sentimental arch – as is often the case in French series – but we investigate fraternity and sorority. We are putting police investigations and judicial investigations back at the heart of the matter, but we are not only in a hunt for the culprit. One wonders if the person responsible is legally and morally reprehensible. Our episodes are structured around dilemmas. A game of pretense is emerging around police investigations.

Press reviews: what are the opinions on the series Face à face?

Télé Star gives a single T to the new French series which honors a new duo of investigators against a background of sorority. Verdict “Must prove itself”.
777 for Télé 7 jours believing that this detective series succeeds in bringing a breath of modernity. The sister duo with actresses Claire Borotra and Constance Gay is endearing and bright.
2 stars for TV Grandes Chaînes: the sister duo promises comic relief.
Télé Cable Sat gives 2 stars to the series: “the starting point is amusing and a source of real success, both comically and dramatically”. Le Parisien gives 4 stars out of 5 to the detective comedy judging the endearing characters. Anne Holmes, director of French fiction at France TV, says “detective comedy allows us to entertain while relying on a solid plot. It is a medium for exploring characters and evoking social issues in a light and unique way”.

Face to face audience on France 3 on Tuesday evening

Will France 3 successfully launch this new series and compete with Le Voyageur, Alexandra Ehle & co broadcast on Tuesday evenings on the channel?

Face to face hearing (France 3) on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 : 3.73 million viewers and 18.6% audience share
Face to face hearing (France 3) on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 : 3,919,000 viewers and 17.3% audience share
Face to face audience (France 3) on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 : 3.46 million viewers and 15.6% audience share
Face to face hearing (France 3) on Tuesday April 5, 2022 : 3.66 million viewers and 17% audience share (France 3 leader)
Face to face hearing (France 3) on Tuesday April 12, 2022 : 3.68 million viewers and 17.4% audience share (TF1 leader)
Face to face hearing (France 3) on Tuesday April 19, 2022: 3.80 million viewers and 18.2% audience share

Opinion and audience Face to face (France 3): a season 2 is looming!