Oscar 2023 Nominees: the best positioned actors to achieve the nomination



There are just a few hours left for the nominations for the 95th edition of the Oscars to be announced. ‘Inisherin’s Banshees’, ‘Everything at once everywhere’, ‘No news at the front’ Y ‘The Fabelmans’ They are the films that aspire to achieve a greater number of nominations at the next Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood. Everything indicates that this year the acting categories will be plagued by actors with no previous experience in the awards (brendan fraser, Colin Farrel, michelle yeoh, Ke Huy Quan…), but among the applicants there will also be room for old acquaintances from the Oscars (cate blanchett, Michelle Williams either Angela Bassett).

The awards that have preceded the Oscars have given us clues as to what could happen in the announcement of the nominations on January 24, although it should not be forgotten that the Academy always has some unsuspected surprise in store for us.

Best Actor

The Oscar for best actor this year is between three actors: Colin Farrel (‘Inisherin’s Banshees’), brendan fraser (‘The Whale’) and Austin Butler (‘Elvis’). The first two won at the Golden Globes while Fraser bested both at the Critics Choice. Although Farrell is the actor who has accumulated the most awards this season,
the narrative of the reborn protagonist of ‘The Whale’
could end up being unbeatable. In addition to these three names, it is also expected to appear at the Oscars. Bill Nighy (the veteran actor of ‘Love Actually’ or the Spanish ‘La librería’) thanks to the British ‘Living’ (
recently released in our country
). For fifth place, names as illustrious as those of Tom Cruise (for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, one of the most celebrated titles of the year), Tom Hanks (
unprecedented so far in the race for ‘The worst neighbor in the world
) either Adam Sandler (who got a surprising nomination at the SAG Awards, thanks to ‘Claw’). However, the applicant who seems to have the best chance of ending up appearing in the quintet of nominees is Paul Mescalwhich was nominated for a BAFTA and a Critics Choice
for his work on ‘Aftersun’

Best actress

Cate Blanchett (‘Tár’) Y michelle yeoh (‘Everything at once everywhere’) are the main contenders for the best actress award. The two won the Golden Globe and have been awarded more than twenty critics’ awards. Viola Davis (‘The King Woman’) has also been present at all the key awards of his career, although at the Oscars it could hurt him that his film has been deflating as the career progressed. Although she has been left out of some major awards (and there is a theory that she could end up being nominated as secondary), in this category you also have to reckon with Michelle Williams, who aspires to achieve the fifth nomination of his career thanks to ‘Los Fabelmans’. Among the names that aspire to complete the quintet are Danielle Deadwyler (‘Till, the crime that changed everything’), margot robbie (‘Babylon’) and, of course, Ana de Armas (‘Blonde’). despite being in
one of the most controversial movies of the year (‘Blonde’)
the Spanish-Cuban actress has achieved a triplet of nominations (she was nominated by the Screen Actors Guild, the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs) that gives her real hope of ending up appearing at the Oscars.

Ke Huy Quan in 'Everything at Once Everywhere'
Ke Huy Quan in ‘Everything at once everywhere’

Best Supporting Actor

Ke Huy Quan is sweeping awards season spectacularly thanks to ‘Everything at Once Everywhere’. No one doubts that he and Brendan Gleeson (‘Almas en tormento de Inisherin’) will be two of the names that are part of the quintet of Oscar nominees for best supporting actor. With many options to end up achieving the candidacy are also barry keoghan (‘Inishgerin’s Banshees) and Paul Dano (‘Los Fabelmans’), two actors who are still in their thirties but who have extensive careers. eddie redmayne He has earned Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG nominations for his portrayal of a psychopathic nurse in ‘Angel of Death’. However, the presence at the Oscars of the winner of the statuette for ‘The Theory of Everything’ raises questions because the Netflix thriller has no chance of achieving any other nomination (and it is always much easier to enter the Oscars if you arrive wrapped up in Your movie). The last minute bets are favoring the options of Judd Hirsch, who has a memorable but very brief role (barely eight minutes) in ‘The Fabelmans’. Among the names that could also be rescued by the Academy are those of Ben Whishaw (‘They speak’), Brad Pitt (‘Babylon’) or albrecht schuch (‘No news at the front’).

Best Supporting Actress

After winning the Golden Globe and the Critics Choice, Angela Bassett She has positioned herself as the top favorite to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress thanks to her incarnation of Queen Ramonda in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. It would be the second nomination of her career since she was nominated 30 years ago for ‘Tina’. Another veteran aspiring to appear in this category is Jamie Lee Curtis (‘Everything at once everywhere’),
an actress who has never achieved an Oscar nomination in her more than 50-year career
. The awards announced so far tell us they also come with plenty of nomination options. Kerry Condom (‘Inisherin’s Banshees’), hongchau (‘The Whale’) and two of the great revelations of the year: Stephanie Hsu (Michelle Yeoh’s daughter in ‘Everything at Once Everywhere’) and dolly de leon (‘The triangle of sadness’). If the Oscars decide to get original, they could bet on Jessie Buckley (‘They speak’) or Nina Hoss (‘Tár’), or even nominate Michelle Williams as secondary instead of as the protagonist for ‘The Fabelmans’.

All these doubts will be dispelled very soon. Actors Riz Ahmed Y allison williams They will be in charge of announcing the Oscar nominations this Tuesday starting at 2:30 p.m. (Spanish time).

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Oscar 2023 Nominees: the best positioned actors to achieve the nomination