Pancho Reyes defended Bruno from “Where is Elisa?”: “He had really fallen in love with a little goat”

The actor Francisco Reyes was a guest at podcast “Unforgettable Characters” by Chile Actores. In this program he spoke about his role Bruno Alberti in the evening television series “Where is Elisa?”. He defended his character and tried to understand him, stating that more than a villain, he was the wrong guy.

“It is very attractive for one as an actor to enter these types of characters because they are always characters that have many edges, lines of action, contradictions,” the actor started. Reyes maintained that he was not someone bad, “despite everything pointing to the contrary. He was a wrong character with himself, and that he really had fallen in love with a girl goatwho also fell in love with him. Although that did not develop much in the story because it starts from the moment when the guy kidnaps her. Evidently there was a shared loveor,” he said.

He read many real cases of “love between adults and minors”, to find out if there was the possibility of love between an adult and a minor.. “I remember reading several cases like this, and escapes between adults and minors. I remember one that was well commented on in Spain, between a 35-year-old and a 12-year-old girl, in the mid-90s ″, she recounted. Also, the Chilean story of a 40-year-old teacher who abused a 14-year-old girl.

“It is penalized socially, statistically it cannot be done, it is not correct, because the statistics say that a person before the age of 18 does not have sufficient use of reason and maturity psychic and intellectual, nor physical to maintain a love relationship with someone who already has that maturity. But, there may be exceptionscould occur, maybe yes, maybe no, that a person of 13, 14 or 12 yearsthat for some reason has matured psychic or physical to establish this relationship. Based on what judgment are you prohibiting that possibility? He talked about rape.

There is a huge possibility that there is psychopathy in that relationship, especially on the part of the adultit is a risk by the way. Can not even one of those relationships exist that can be true, healthy or pure? That was my concern as a character at the time, and that’s why I defined him not as a bad guy, but as a wrong guyparticularly wrong because on the other hand he wanted to preserve a status quo, careerist, “he continued.

Pancho Reyes continued to affirm that Bruno was not the villain, despite the fact that he chooses to maintain the relationship with Elisa in a violent way since he kidnaps her, locks her up. “There she forgets all the love she could have had at some point for her uncle, and she panics forever. Rather that mistake I point when I say that she is the wrong guy, instead of facing that conflict and assuming the consequences”, she continued to empathize with the character.

Finally, the villain of the film is not him, but his wife in this story. Because of a jealousy that this guy has noticed a woman much younger than himOn the other hand, assuming the justice of society in his hands, as a representative of social justice, he decides to kill him and her. He transforms into a monster, and that is the great monster of the story more than Bruno”, He stated about the end of the teleseries.

Pancho Reyes defended Bruno from “Where is Elisa?”: “He had really fallen in love with a little goat”