Paul Dano today is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood: portrait of the Riddler from The Batman

Zoë Kravitz has bewitched us, Robert Pattinson amazed, but it is Paul Dano the real revelation of the last film The Batman. In the shoes ofRiddler, Paul gave yet another proof of his talent. Paul is the actor that Hollywood needed: quick-change, eclectic, able to bring home the result whatever it is. The tightrope walker of the big screen is able to pass by comedies to movies noir: funny and obsessive, touching and believable, Dano is always a step forward.

Paul Dano, the origins of a rising star

Class 1984Paul was born in New York on June 19. The almost 38 years old grows up with her younger sister and actively attends neighborhood life. That is as long as his father’s work, an important business manit forces him to relocate in Connecticut. But first the debut on the stage to Broadwaywhere he made his debut as a solo co-star 12 years. In the new city of diploma, but chooses a New York college to go back to basics. In this period she acts in minor roles in big shows, like A genius in the family And The Sopranos. Alone teenagerDano is on his first TV movie Too young to be a dad.

Paul Dano, Daniel Day-Lewis and the early films

Paul takes part in the drama The Newcomersand gets the first role from hero not yet of age. The film is LIE, and his is a future pedophile adolescent character. Later she is alongside Angelina Jolie in Veiled identitiesthen it is in the background of The King. Director Daniel Day-Lewis launch his career with The story of Jack & Rose. Paul’s star starts to shine, and it doesn’t take long for it to become dazzling.

Little Miss Sunshine: Paul Dano and the birth of a star

We are in 2006, and Paul suddenly becomes an actor famous. All this thanks to the cult film Little Miss Sunshine, which makes it known to most. Here he puts himself in the shoes of a high school student who chooses, of his own free will, to become mute. Despite the stellar castmade up of names such as Steve CarrellBryan Cranston (the Heisenberg of Breaking bto) And Alan Arkin (recently seen in The Kominsky method), Paul’s performance is done note from both the public and the critics. Daniel Day-Lewis he wants him back on his team for The oilmanwhere it will interpret the double role of twins Eli and Paul Sunday. This film consecrates him forever to a rising star, and Dano wins his first BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor. This guy from clean face and the air of a good guy turns into a monster of ferocity, creating a contrast that only a few big names can bring to the big screen. The performance leaves everyone speechless.

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Paul Dano, from Broadway to Hollywood

Parallel to his career in Hollywood, Dano continues to cultivate his first love: Broadway. He participates in several shows, including Things we want directed by Ethan Hawke. It is during this period that Paul dabbles in comedy: it is next to the sparkling wine Zooey Deschanel in Giganticand recites with Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz in the action thriller comedy Innocent lies. But fear not, Paul soon returns to drama and challenging films, such as the independent The good heart or the historian Meek’s Cutoff. In Ruby Sparks is next to hers girlfriend Zoe Kazanin Looper – On the run from the past collaborate with Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Bruce Willisand in Being Flynn shares the set with Robert De Niro. His work in Prisoners deserves a mention, as well as the one done in niche film how The club of emperors And Fast food nation. He will find himself collaborating with important directorshow Ang Leeand takes part in the hit film 12 years a slave. His fame reaches overseas, and ours Paolo Sorrentino he wants it in Youth – Youth.

Paul Dano in The Batman: the consecration of a myth

paul dano in the batman

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The latest bat superhero movie recently recorded a success at the box office, and this is also and above all due to the cast spectacular that it possesses. Zoë Kravitz in the role of Catwoman it seems sensual and unconventional at the same time, while Robert Pattinson gives us a Bruce Wayne modern day and definitely human. But in The Batman one can only admire Paul Danowhich in the guise of Riddler spreads panic for Gotham City. His interpretation of the psychopathic villain leaves us speechless, and does not make us regret a Joker like the one of Heath Ledger you hate Jack Nicholson. In short, Paul thanks to his talent holds up well in comparison with the most ruthless enemies of the superhero in black, resulting in a creatable and decidedly convincing. To get into the mind of the guessing villain, Paul did a painstaking job of Research and character study. So, to make three-dimensional the role that before him fell to a sacred monster like Jim CarreyPaul was inspired by the serial killer Zodiac: by the way of speak attitude, Dano was as faithful as possible to the notorious criminal of encrypted messages. Fatigue rewarded, even by a MTV Award as Best Villain.

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Paul Dano today is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood: portrait of the Riddler from The Batman