Rafael Ferro tells us what “The Grönholm Method” is like

The recent premiere of “The Gronholm Method”, is one of the strong bets of Corrientes Avenue and without a doubt one of the obligatory works of Paseo La Plaza. The theatrical success written by the Catalan Jordi Galceran, directed by Ciro Zorzoli returns with a modified version and a cast to applaud standing.

The work that was a revelation in 2003 after its premiere in Catalonia, arrived three years later in our country in 2006 starring Gabriel Goity, Jorge Suarez, Alejandra Flechner and Martin Seefeld, directed by Daniel Veronese; covering 2 years on the bill including national tours, tours of the Atlantic Coast and neighboring countries.

And today it returns with a new cast where they go on stage from Wednesday to Sunday Benjamín Vicuña, Laurita Fernández, Julián Cabrera and Rafael Ferro with whom we were able to speak exclusively to Filo.News about the sensations of this new project and the composition of this character.

“My character is the oldest of the four, imagine that in today’s world of work I couldn’t even apply for a job at 56 years old. So my character is a bit more loser, he is back, he goes to the interview as if resigned. He doesn’t have much faith in himself but he’s going to fight it ”assures without being able to give much detail because if there is something this work has, it is the communion with the public of not revealing the outcome of the plot.

Without spoiling anything, he takes us a little deeper into what happens in this particular job interview: “Well, basically, the cast is made up of 4 applicants, three men and one woman, who are looking for an important job position, in an important company, and well, there is that cannibalism between the competition and what a company can do, the types of tests that they can do to choose the most suitable candidate for the position and well, there is not much more that can be said, only that certain things happen to show who is the most skilled”, comment.

Ferro, who comes from playing an atypical character in the Telefe strip, “El Primero de Nosotros”, reveals that what he currently enjoys most about his work is not only the versatility of the projects he chooses, but also having fun on stage and that is noticeable in The Grönholm Method, where laughter gushes out and laughter accompanies throughout the performance.

“The truth is that after the pandemic. Today my greatest expectation is to have fun. Something that happened to me in rehearsals, and now it continues to happen to me when I go on stage. And that it is also key for the work to go well, to have fun. I had already worked with Benja (Vicuña) in “El Primero de Nosotros”, with Laurita no, but we got along great and with Julián Cabrera who is the other actor too”explains about the chemistry between them and adds.

“So what I hope is that we have fun on stage, that we have a good time. The work is a round work that leaves you up there because it never lets up and has everything to do well”he warns.

And he adds: “What I love about my profession is to surround myself, when possible, with good actors because that elevates you. Every time I start a project I am always very open and very respectful and eager to learn. There is always something to learn from your colleagues. And in the case of this work, I really wanted to work with the director, Ciro Zorzoli, because I saw a lot of his work and I really wanted to. And despite my 56 years, I feel like an apprentice”.

Ferro’s acting career took him down opposite paths and over the years he knew how to show off both as a villain and with characters affected by extreme kindness. As was the case with his role in “El Primero de Nosotros” where he put himself in Martín’s shoes. A characterization that brought him dilemmas.

“For me it was a novelty to make this good guy, who was always being a good guy and often talked to the authors and told them: `hey, but this guy is an idiot!’ And yes, we played a lot of edge and was served so that at any moment he would refer to a psychopath. I thought so too, not how to start being good, very good and turn him into the villain of the strip “tells about how the evolution of that character went.

“But they told me! he is a good guy!, and I swore and felt that he was too good. That he was an asshole who didn’t realize what was happening. So my composition gave him a certain ambiguity, as if to amuse me, like leaving open that thing of not really knowing what Martin’s personality was. Not to make a turnip, but to do something that he would play with that at any moment the chip jumped, that he always knew everything and played the fool ”reveals.

And he comments on the impact it had on the street and his outrage: “I was outraged because I was used to playing a villain, now that I was playing a good guy, people still harassed me on the street. Because they wanted the characters of Paola and Benjamín to be together and they yelled at me: “leave them alone!” and it made me want to stand up and answer ‘Ma’am, I’m a cuckold’… I mean, I played a good guy and they pissed me off just the same”he manifests between laughs.

That is why he reaffirms that the roles he likes to play the most are those villains in the comedy genre, where the absurd and bizarre come together to let him create hilarious characters.

“I really like doing “villains” in the term of comedy, I love that, I have a great time. Like what I did in La Lola, in Educando a Nina and I say villains in quotation marks because in the case of these two examples the guys were two idiots, very bizarre, almost caricature. The asshole that doesn’t work out for any of them. that fascinates me”, he points out.

To close, I asked him how he experienced the premiere of the work on August 12: “I was super relaxed, because now the press premiere is no longer done so much where all the producers, journalists, colleagues go on the same night. Now they are inviting them spaced out and that takes the pressure off me because there is no gaze that is going to judge and criticize your work. That was hell, you feel that all the companions are going to kill you. So, with that special function no longer being there, I relax, besides, with everything we’ve been through in the last two years with the pandemic, I don’t care about the look of others. And now with 50% poverty, getting upset in case I do well or poorly at a premiere seems insignificant to me. So very relaxed. I intend to have fun”he concluded.



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Rafael Ferro tells us what “The Grönholm Method” is like