Recommended of the week: these series nominated for the 2022 Emmy deserve your time

SEMANA has recommended, over the course of the year, the series that have resonated with both the public and critics. For the sample, Succession swept 25 nominationsthey did too ted lasso and comedies like The White Lotus with 20as well as Hacks and Only Murders In The Building with 17 and the drama euphoria with 16 (making HBO, home of most of the aforementioned, the winner of the streaming war in nominations). But while September 12 arrives and the winners are announced, it is worth catching up with some nominated series and documentary productions, perhaps less acclaimed, but not for that less valuable.

Severance (Apple TV+)

Severance – Photo: Apple TV+

Nominated for: Best Drama / Best Actor in a Drama – Adam Scott / Best Supporting Actress in a Drama – Patricia Arquette / Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (2) – John Turturro – Christopher Walken

This brilliant sci-fi production (which doesn’t seem so far away) starts from the uncomfortable, intentionally falls into the peaceful, becomes strong in the painful and tense, touches the human and the tender, and ends in the captivating. And for that great amalgamation he has earned his positive reviews. The plot poses a future in which a company manages, by means of chips installed in the heads of its employees, to completely separate the life they have in the office and the one they have outside. It is a visually curated psychological thriller that places its characters in the context of personal tragedy and work escape (together forever), in a modernized world, flattened by technology and technology and full of hidden pretensions. And, as expected, it gives rise to a slow revolution.

Yellowjackets (Paramount +)

Courtesy Showtime/Paramount+
Courtesy Showtime/Paramount+ – Photo:

Nominated for: Best Drama / Best Actress in a Drama – Melanie Lynskey / Best Supporting Actress in a Drama – Christina Ricci

With dramatic, humorous and horror undertones, this dark series offers deep intrigue and many moments of great awe. Led by tremendous actresses, it follows a double timeline. The first takes place in 1996, when, en route to play in their national championship, a high school girls’ soccer team is involved in a plane crash. For this, the young women must deal with the death of friends and responsible adults, and with the panic of the situation that, in the absence of a rescue, becomes a story of survival with echoes of the tragedy of the Uruguayan rugby players in the Andes and from Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The second timeline follows the survivors of said tragedy in their adulthood, as they deal with the silence they have kept about what happened in such dire circumstances.

Barry (HBOMax)

Courtesy HBO
Courtesy HBO – Photo:

Nominated for: Best Comedy / Best Actor in a Comedy – Bill Hader / Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy (2) – Anthony Carrigan – Henry Winkler

A prime example of a nuanced comedy that so deeply integrates drama into its plot that it might as well have been nominated in the other category, this series follows a former American soldier who, back in his country, takes up a career as a hit man. That line of work sees him related to oily characters from different backgrounds, associated with Albanian and Bolivian drug cartels, but also with other ordinary people. This is how the protagonist almost accidentally comes into contact with the world of acting, in which, rather than an innate talent, he discovers a way to channel many of his internal frustrations. There he meets a mentor, he meets a love, but it becomes inevitable to think that his sustenance and his artistic escape will end up meeting and colliding.

The Dropout (Star+)

Courtesy Star+
Courtesy Star+ – Photo:

Nominated for: Best Miniseries / Best Actress in a Miniseries – Amanda Seyfried

Based on a true life story (of which there are several documentaries), this miniseries tells the amazing story of Elizabeth Holmes and her startup Theranos. This was intended to turn the medical care industry upside down with a revolutionary machinery that, with just a drop of blood, would allow all kinds of conditions or diseases to be detected. With that basic promise, Holmes raised huge amounts of money and skyrocketed to appear on the covers of business magazines as the great female CEO of the 21st century. The point is that it was never more than a great idea with no possible application. In eight chapters, the series surprises by revealing the path that a white American who passed through the prestigious Stanford University was able to achieve at the point of smoke.

The Andy Warhol Diaries (Netflix)

Courtesy Netflix
Courtesy Netflix – Photo:

Nominated for: Best Documentary Series

This six-part portrait delves into the legend of the artist starting from the treasure that his personal diaries represent, only published posthumously. He chronicles his childhood in Pittsburgh, his incredible journey and his ability to move between different disciplines and movements. Revered by some and loathed by others, Warhol was a director, editor, television producer, and celebrity, among many facets. Despite his worldwide fame, he was very discreet about his private life. This series reveals much of the complexity of the artist through his own words –often in his own voice, thanks to the latest artificial intelligence techniques– and those of those who worked with him, created and stood by his side. of the.

George Carlin’s American Dream (HBO Max)

Courtesy HBO
Courtesy HBO – Photo:

Nominated for: Best Documentary Special

George Carlin, a master of humor, linguistic dexterity, and social reflection, died in 2008, but his jokes only seem to grow more valuable and relevant in today’s times. He is considered by many to be the comedic incarnation of The Beatles, as he had very different and contrasting phases in his art and commentary. He was not always that curmudgeon who exposed the inconsistencies of the Church or the supposed ‘pro-life’ characters and he was not always successful. That is why it is interesting to navigate the evolution of his jokes and his stand up routines. Carlin was giving up his childhood dream of being an actor in favor of tuning in to his talents and impulses. This documentary explores the life and art of this man dedicated to the written word almost exclusively for orality.

Other great series to consider…

Courtesy BBC America
Courtesy BBC America – Photo:

Killing Eve (Starzplay) A detective (Eve, Sandra Oh) chases a psychopathic killer (Villanelle, Jodie Comer), in a back-and-forth as interesting as its characters are intelligent. Creation of the great Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag).

Courtesy HBO
Courtesy HBO – Photo:

Insecure (HBO Max) This genuinely toned series about the comings and goings of friendships and loves in Los Angeles made Issa Rae and her combo of friends endearing company.

Courtesy Star +
Courtesy Star + – Photo:

Dopestick (Star+) The pharmaceutical ‘crime of the century’, which sparked the opioid crisis that killed 500,000 Americans (and counting), narrated in serial code, with Michael Keaton.

Courtesy Disney+/Star+
Courtesy Disney + / Star + – Photo:

Under The Banner Of Heaven (will come to Disney+ or Star+) A crime in the Mormon community gives rise to an investigation that gives no respite. Based on a non-fiction novel and starring Andrew Garfield.

Recommended of the week: these series nominated for the 2022 Emmy deserve your time