Review of Thor: Love and Thunder

The Thor movies have always worked differently from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe installments.. The tone of each of them does not marry too much with what is presented in other projects. Perhaps the first two can be equated to conjugate better with Captain America: The First Avenger and the Hombre de Hierro by Jon Favreau, while Thor: Ragnarök Y Thor: Love and Thunder go hand in hand with James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. But when you go through each of the movies, whether they are better or worse, you can notice a certain authorial pulse in each tapeand that is something that does not happen in all the superhero products that are published today on billboards or on platforms.

That authorship is more noticeable with the incursion of Taika Waititi with the character of the God of Thunder. Thor: Ragnarök It was the jump that the son of Odin needed for a face sink that was shouted from the stalls, because the tone that was intended to be given to that Asgardian did not cohere with the rest of the Avengers, much less when he wandered in lonely to tell their own stories. Thor: Love and Thunder has been the reaffirmation that Chris Hemsworth must move in the key of comedy in the UCM to be able to offer a show that, at least, is entertaining. The fourth Thor movie, however, has not turned out to be as powerful as the arms of his protagonist, because between jokes, the most important thing has been left aside: the script.

The script remains one of the most neglected elements in this phase

already happened with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in a way. If you remember, in our review we commented on the following: “The House of Ideas chooses, in this case, to be launching constant action sequences and universe jumps without rhyme or reason, reducing the script to really a few salvageable pages for that bread and circuses is what really stands out”. And that is precisely what is repeated in this feature film, which the pages of the script are just there to drive a minor story that really lacks emotional pulse. The current line of Marvel is simply based on the spectacular and that, after all, is not bad considering that we are dealing with pure and simple entertainment, but sometimes it can scratch a bit and get us out of its stories.

Thor: Love and Thunder takes to another level the humor represented in Thor: Ragnarök and it even goes a little beyond the limits of Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes to not taking itself seriously. Taika Waititi has had full creative freedom with this project, even more so than her debut as the character, and it shows in every line of dialogue. Rare is the time in which several phrases of one of the characters are concatenated that do not refer to a joke, a joke or try to make the viewer smile. Comedy is what saved Thor, clearly, but in such high doses there is a bit of pastiche left and a bit cloying, like everything that is in excess. Don’t take this to mean that there aren’t any scenes where you’ll laugh for sure, because there are quite a few (all footage of Russell Crowe like Zeus is an audiovisual piece to keep under lock and key).

Yes, Russell Crowe is the best of Thor: Love and Thunder. From far.

The work of all the actors and actresses is enormous and it is difficult to stay with one

And entering the realm of performances, here we can firmly assure that the entire main cast of Thor: Love and Thunder it’s spectacular. Chris Hemsworth embroiders him again as the God of Thunder and it feels like he really enjoys the character. He has a great time, and we also watching him. Tessa Thompson takes on a greater role here as Valkyrie, just like Taika Waititi’s Korg. However, the film’s main course is Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. To see the actress again in a Marvel feature film is wonderful, without a doubt, and fits fable with Mighty Thor breaking with the character of the character of Jane Foster that we saw in previous works to join the comedy party that Hemsworth is leading. However, his character is somewhat wasted. Portman’s return is the most spectacular of the film, by far, and the weight of his character is expected to be practically greater than that of Hemsworth’s Thor, but he does not feel that way unfortunately and it is a missed opportunity. for Marvel. At least for now.

Christian Bale plays that Butcher of Gods who has had to modify the original appearance of the comics so as not to look like Voldemort from Harry Potter, and shows that no one beats the chameleon actor. Bale is part of an elite group of Hollywood actors capable of perfectly cohering with the character he plays. We have seen him as a vigilante and as a millionaire in the trilogy of Batman of Nolan. As a psycho killer in American Psycho. As a physically and mentally tormented man in The Machinist. It has even given life to iconic figures in popular culture such as John Connor. And here he manages to represent the dementia of a being tired of the gods not helping those who need it. Bale’s gestural work is exquisite and eats up the screen on every occasion in which you can exchange words with Hemsworth, Portman or whoever touches. The presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy, for its part, is rather anecdotal and its presence is almost reduced to a small introduction to the third installment of its trilogy, which will arrive there in 2023.

Thor: Love and Thunder

The film takes very little seriously and the works of the artists are admirable.

What’s going on with the latest Marvel Studios movies?

A pity that at a narrative level Thor: Love and Thunder does not take off in any aspect and the film is understood as an action and adventure movie that, if you hurry us, can even work independently from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That is not negative at all either because you can read the film as if it were a comic. Kevin Feige and his team are refining the formula to the limit so that new film projectsexcept for a few like Eternals (the rare bird of this phase 4), sits like pure comics. Very dynamic act jumps, without too many subplots or elements that slow down the dynamited advance of the story. Few scenes of deep dialogue, a lot of action, spectacularity through a tube and small adventures that make the characters evolve little by little. And that’s not negative, but It shows that something is missing from the tapes.

That’s partly the little drama that Marvel Studios is loading into their movies, that there doesn’t seem to be an overall end goal. The stories of the veteran characters of the House of Ideas do not feel connected as before, where there was a global villain or threat that was slowly approaching. The current phase, even having its television series, is characterized by that serial flow of stories, as we said in the case of Thor 4almost independent meet the definition of roller coaster. That’s where you may be losing some strength and for that reason the stories feel so poor, but they are still a success as entertainment, which is not little.

Thor: Love and Thunder It is a show of thunder and lightning that has the presence of actors of the highest level that make this adventure more bearable.. Waititi has had serious problems with the editing on this occasion so that the film can be told in less than two hours, and that causes there to be fragments that are a little obvious and do not end up having a good continuity. But, going to the point and finishing off, Thor: Love and Thunder is for those who were satisfied with Thor: Ragnarök and want to see the God of Thunder in his most comical and savage form.

Review of Thor: Love and Thunder – Lots of lightning and little thunder