Serial killer face? Who is Evan Peters who plays Dahmer in the Netflix series that face a bit like that, that expression a bit like that of someone who has just been Jeffrey Dahmer, the monster from Milwaukee, in the new and controversial Netflix miniseries. That of someone who has interpreted all the horrors and horrors with charisma and subtle irony multiform perversions of the cult series American Horror Story. IS Evan Petersclass 1987. A simple boy-next-door face, with one stinging look that can turn into anything. A talent far from stardom for an eternal boy from the air composed, serene, polite. The air of someone who has a project and follows it to the end.

The «baptism of fire»: American Horror Story

Before impersonating Dahmer, Evan Peters built a strong resume that saw him star alongside super-established international stars such as Lady Gaga And Kate Winslet. The Italian public met him in the anthology series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk American Horror Story (2011-2022), of which he is a recurring interpreter – indeed a real one fetish-actor – in the 11 seasons, each with different horror theme. Unforgettable as Tate Langdonyoung psychiatric patient as well as spectrum emotionally unstable, author of a mass shooting but capable of profound sensitivity. But also how Walker Kit aka Bloody Faceunjustly detained in mental hospital of Briarcliff Manor in American Horror Story: Asylum.

Netflix 2022-2023: five contents not to be missed between movies and TV series

Accused of being a serial killerKit is the object of several experiments with a sadistic background during which he discovers he has a microchip implanted in the neck due to a alien abduction. In American Horror Story: Hotel Peters is James Patrick March, diabolical creator of the Cortez Hotel (designed for massacre comfortably guests). The list of sinister roles could go on to the limit of the imagination, as in American Horror Story: Cult where Peters is Kai Andersonformer Internet troll became cult leader – and beyond. Such a role demanding that it took the actor two years to recover physically and emotionally.

Evan Peters is Kai Anderson in American Horror Story: Cult (Frank Ockenfels / FX).

A kind detective alongside a rough Kate Winslet

Defined by Ryan Murphycreator of AHS (iconic short for American Horror Storyalmost a diabolical seal for fans), a “Criminal underestimated actor”, Evan Peters got the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award for his performance in the HBO miniseries Murder in Easttown (2021) in which it is Colin Zabeldetective sent to support the protagonist Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) in the investigation of a homocide that engulfs a small town in Pennsylvania.

A character from charm “Uncool”light years away from the classic supporting actor who has come to break a tried and tested routine, in which he fits instead with disarming kindness. An interpretation intense and delicatealso remembered for a scene in which Peters was asked to almost introduce himself drunk to immerse yourself completely in the shoes of the shy detective who confides in the admired and imperious colleague.

Evan Peters and Kate Winslet, 2021. (IPA)

Quick release superhero: Quicksilver and the X-Men saga

Not just dark psychopaths, sadistic ghosts and candid detectives. Evan Peters joins the ranks of X-Men in several films of the Marvel saga, debuting in the role of sprinter mutant Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver (“Quicksilver”) with X-Men: Days of a future past (2014). Here he is hired by Professor X and Wolverine to help Magnetowho turns out to be his father (Michael Fassbender), a escape from the Pentagon. They follow X-Men Apocalypse (2016) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019). Peters gives an interpretation amused, exuberantfrom authentic winged Mercury (but without the shoes).

Evans reprises the role in the miniseries WandaVision (2021) as brother of Wanda Maximoff replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson who had portrayed him in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Back to darkness: Jeffrey Dahmer

A mercurial versatility is the figure of this actor who would also like to act in brilliant or romantic comedies. He came close with the indie film Adult World of 2013, which sanctioned his link (finished in 2019) with connects her Emma Roberts, met on the set of American Horror Story. An important relationship that would make room shortly after new lovesinger Halsey. The call of the abyss however, he comes back overbearing and Evan Peters accepts the part of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmerknown as the Milwaukee Cannibal, in the disturbing Netflix miniseries today at the top of the charts.

A part really complicated given that, as Peters explained in a recent Netflix interview, “you cannot empathize with Dahmer. It’s a story not only about him but about society, about impact that Dahmer had on societyabout how society and the whole system have failed in stopping it because of the racism andhomophobia. “

The monsters of American Horror Story they were imaginary, Dahmer it was one real person. A serial killer lacking in charm, without a mysterious yet cruel smile. A real monster that throws the viewer into darkness more sordid than senselessness. Absolute evil.

Evan Peters in the miniseries Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffery Dahmer2022. (Netflix)

Diet, common sense and normality. And horror movies still scare him

For one who is forced to eat slice of chicken and vegetables (“Otherwise I’m fattening, I have no metabolism, so I have to eat horrible food that tastes like nothing,” he jokes) human trunks to dissolve in acid or to store hearts in the fridge to consume them later must not have been a walk in the park.

Peter Evans has the open face of someone who truly believes in it. He is a normal person who believes he has no particular talent, which he continues to have scream when watching a horror moviethat is it repented of the tattoo done on but no in somewhat bohemian circumstances. And that he says, with disarming determination: “… I keep growing and I don’t give up, if you really want to do something you do it, and not for money. You have to do it because you really love it and you want to create something really cool. “


Serial killer face? Who is Evan Peters who plays Dahmer in the Netflix series