Serial killers and psychopaths: the Criminal Minds team is back streaming

It was one of the TV series with a crime background that most marked the 2000s. The first episode of criminal minds it aired in America way back in 2005 and then arrived in Italy the following year and found excellent acclaim in our country. Developed by Jeff Davis, the show aired for 15 years, finding its conclusion in February 2020. The series chronicled the investigations of a group of criminologist experts from the FBI, a team that works for the Behavioral Analysis, responsible for developing a psychological profile of serial killers. Team of experts engaged on several fronts to ensure the “unsub” to justice and thus stop the trail of murders. A series of great value, that of criminal minds, which however over time has had to face various problems, both on and off the set. After 15 years and 324 active episodes, a ratings crisis has forced the CBS network to run for cover.

Cancellation was the obvious choice, but the story of criminal minds it wasn’t over yet. In fact, a few months after the broadcast of the last episode, the news began to circulate on the net that the series could return to the screens with a sequel. A project much contested by old fans but which has nevertheless found a lot of interest in the social community. And so, the special agents are back on TV for new investigations on the razor’s edge with a sequel series entitled Criminal Minds: Evolution. The first season, of 10 episodes, is on Paramount+ in the USA, while in Italy it arrives on Disney+ on a weekly basis from January 18 (where all the seasons of the “mother” series are then available).

In the network of serial killers

The story resumes its course in 2022 when Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) is assigned to investigate the discovery of some corpses in containers. With all the old team having gone their separate ways, it is impossible to convince the FBI leaders to try to find out what is behind that find. All attention is now directed to a disappearance of a young girl who was kidnapped following the murder of her family. Returning to the field are agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) scarred by the death of death, headstrong JJ (AJ Cook), agent Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) and Penelope Garcia (Kristen Vangsness). The slopes lead to a social networks for juveniles in which the victim managed to groom his victims. However, the resolution of the case brings with it another macabre discovery, backed by an intuition from Dr. Tara. It seems that a dense network of serial killers was born, which was built on the web during the toughest months of the confinement and that now, once the restrictions are lifted, they can act.

Tight investigations for a disturbing series

It has never been an easy series to digest. criminal minds he never skimped on telling the folds anymore dark of the human soul and mind. With a firm and decisive trait, the series has tried to explain why the inner demons are the trigger of madness. The sequel raises the bar even higher, so as to make the story more gloomy and unhealthyleading the characters to face their illnesses and, at the same time, photographing a society in disarray that has turned into something even more dangerous. Compared to the past, in which the team had to stop the fury of a single killer, now in spite of himself is forced to hunt down a shrewd and intelligent unknown subject capable of creating a dense network of killers around him, willing to do anything to protect each other. The idea with which the series began is of excellent workmanship and, although the story is eyeing the longtime fan, it can also be followed by the neophyte who is passionate about a skillful game of cat and mouse.

Who stays and who goes in the new season

Almost all historical figures are back for the new season. As we have seen, there is Joe Mantegna, AJ Cook and Adama Rodriguez. Big absentees, however, are two well-known faces and much loved by the public. Spencer Reid and Matt Simmons (who had entered the cast since season 13). For the actor Daniel Henney (who played Matt) it seems that there is no possibility of a return because he has made other work commitments, while for Matthew Gray Gubler, who will soon have the face of his beloved Dr. Reid, there would be possibility of seeing him in the series as revealed by the creator himself in a recent interview. “There is still a place in history for Matthew. His desk is empty but can be filled at any timeBy the looks of it, the actor has been wanting to take a break from the character he’s played since the first episode back in 2005.

Was there a need for the return of Criminal Minds?

The need for a crime of this magnitude was felt. Absolutely yes. criminal mindsthrough thick and thin, represented a piece of history for contemporary television. Perhaps the return has come in too short a time frame but it has not disappointed expectations. The first episode is very solid and has been able to play well with all the perspectives of a more cohesive and less dispersive story. Moreover, the transition from a terrestrial channel to a streaming one has given the story time to be fresher, more uninhibited and more conciseprecisely because it is aimed at a broad and selective audience. And perhaps, bringing a brand like Criminal Minds back on TV makes it clear when the world of seriality still can’t find a new and stimulating project.


Series with a turbulent set

There have been several tornadoes that have made landfall during the filming of Criminal Minds over the years. For example, the beloved Sherman Moore, who played Derek Morgan, asked the authors about to die his character in season 11 precisely because he felt he needed to take a break from the set. He’s still hot on Jason Gideon’s exit after two seasons, but he sparked discussions about the firing of Thomas Gibson who played Agent Hotch due to an altercation with producers that would have ended in a brawl on the set. The actor did not return in the final season nor was he considered for the sequel.

More investigations for David Rossi’s team

In America we are already thinking about the future of Criminal Minds: Evolution. The ten episodes were very popular with audiences and critics, so much so that the series has already been confirmed for another season. It could debut in America by the end of 2023 for a broadcast in Italy in 2024. The idea of ​​a single case that embraces all the episodes is maintained.

Serial killers and psychopaths: the Criminal Minds team is back streaming