Seriéfilo: summer 2022

Summer is receding in the rearview mirror and, little by little, the daily stress is stretching to return to its usual levels. At a meteorological level, we have seen how the temperature reached the levels of the magma of The Cracks of Destiny of The Lord of the rings. To compensate, we have enjoyed the summer of the highest quality at the series level in recent years, so you know what we have dedicated ourselves to here: to watch a lot of series that, for sure, will be in all the rankings The best of the year. And, if not, at the time.

Although there is much to highlight, our first stop could not be other than Better Call Saul (AMC), a series that, back in the month of May, we already sensed that it was going to mark a milestone in the seriéphile universe. And so it has been: the last episodes of the series have not only been exquisite, but they have masterfully closed the open plots in the universe breaking bad. The end of Better Call Saul It complements and enriches everything planted by the mother series, putting itself at its level and leaving several unforgettable characters in the imagination of fans. The world of Walter White Y Saul Goodman They are already part of the Olympus seriéfilo.

Meanwhile, the fashion of deconstructing seasons in time has also reached Netflix which, just two chapters from the end of the fourth season of stranger things, managed to repackage the entire epic of the series into four masterful hours. The best, Eddie Munson apart, it seems that the brothers Duffer have put the series on track towards a fifth and final season that is presumed exciting after the detours taken from previous installments. It can be said, without fear of being wrong, that we are facing the other great season (the other was the first) of the Netflix star franchise.

But there is no respite because Amazon also took advantage of the summer to premiere the third season of the violently badass TheBoys. With the premise of enhancing what made it famous, this installment is even more cynical, more naughty and more saucy than anything seen before. Of course, it still works because the charisma of the main characters continues to fuel their development and tell us interesting things about the world around them. This time, the production dedicates the season to delve into the past of the Vaught corporation and bring to the fore the first superheroes of the universe, Soldier Boy, The Scarlet Countess and company.

In spite of everything, among so many mammoth series, the series that has left the best taste in my mouth this summer is a more modest production. Bear (FX) will arrive in Spain from Disney + on October 5. Save the date because we are facing an essential story: that of a young and prestigious chef who has to return to his native Chicago to take over the family sandwich restaurant after the suicide of his older brother. A drama with comic sparks that transmits a whole range of feelings through the kitchen; a constant and frenetic rhythm, printed from the very moment the orders begin to come in. Although it is not among your favorite programs master chefeven if you can’t stand whipthis is the series you have to watch next month.

More fresh wind brings us Dark Winds (AMC), a western detective with brushstrokes of all the good things that the mythical True Detective (HBO). That is to say, a careful treatment of the characters and a strongly immersive setting. In this case, a Navajo Indian reservation is shaken by a series of murders in strange circumstances; promise of a dark past that reawakens. This cocktail, accompanied by a very powerful aesthetic, will allow us to enjoy for a while a great representative of the genre not to go.

And since there are not two without three, another novelty sneaks in among the best of this summer season, rebelling against the tyranny of the most veteran. It is none other than the chilling miniseries locked up with the devil (AppleTV), a prison drama in which, in order to be released, an inmate must elicit the whereabouts of his victims from an alleged murderer. Based on real events, the interpretations of its two protagonists stand out, Taron Egerton and above all, Paul Walter Hauser in the role of the murderous psychopath Larry Hall. The series will also be remembered as one of the last works of the prolific actor. Ray Liottawho passed away this year and who plays here, in a secondary role but with a lot of presence, the father of james kene, the inmate who will try to get the confession. A dark trip to the infernos of the human psyche that will keep us on edge during the six episodes that the miniseries consists of.

Locked up with the devil: Apple, Emjag Productions, Imperative Entertainment, Eden Productions.

The second season of Only murders in the building (Hulu), the series that left us with such good feelings at its premiere. Although we have the usual murder again, this time it serves as an excuse to focus on learning a little more about the four main characters in the story. Namely: Mabel, Charles, Oliver and the building itself Arconia, in whose past we will investigate. The series maintains its bright and friendly tone, as well as its mastery of editing. It may not surprise as much as its first season, but its workmanship is still impeccable and, although the crime is left out for much of the footage, its resolution in the last episode is brilliant. We are facing an outstanding television comedy work. Renewed for a third season (to no one’s surprise), it looks like Only murders in the building He still has many joys to give us… even if people have to die trying.

Now it’s time to make a point and aside, because not everything could be good during the summer. Lost in the middle of this sea of ​​good series, I leave my only seriéphile stick for the new season of The Orville (Hulu). What began as a hooligan parody and for all audiences of star trek, has mutated into a space and friendly family drama that, with chapters that last more than an hour, makes us look at our watch on more than one occasion. Bad signal and bad sidereal course that the crew of Seth MacFarlane.

To digest this bad drink, nothing better than another of the bombshells of the summer. Because, yes friends, 33 years after the comic of Neil Gaman, The Sandman (Netflix) has had its well-deserved television adaptation. And it is not just any adaptation, it is the one that every fan could have dreamed of: with a generous budget and with the full involvement of its creator. I am not going to go on much longer because, if you want to know more about the project, you can listen to the podcast that we have recorded at LaSoga about it.

This has not been the only comic adaptation of the summer: Papergirls (AmazonPrime) has a setting typical of science fiction, full of time travel and temporal paradoxes that powerfully attract attention. However, for now, they are nothing more than a wrapper to develop what really matters to the series, the four protagonists who have to mature in record time. It is a success, because all of them manage to sink into our little hearts. In return, we can only fully enjoy the series if we understand everything that surrounds them as a tool to mold them.

Abandoning comics but still within science fiction, another heavyweight who chose the summer for his return was Westworld (HBO). Expected return after the small trigger of its previous season, in which the tone of the series totally changed, with a more futuristic setting and much more action. The result was a bunch of meaningless fireworks. Now, the fireworks are kept but connected to the origin of the series. And multi-million dollar pyrotechnics in the service of a good story can produce wonderful results. This time, the story is well explained and moves away from the gibberish of the past; the characters find their place and are at the service of the plot. To see again Westworld on track has been one of the pleasures of the summer.

To conclude, let’s ask ourselves: what makes a series a truly original production? Regardless of what we answer, none will reach the level of The essays (HBOMax) that, more than a series, could be considered an experience. It begins with a bizarre idea, although at the same time very simple, in mockumentary format: that of a television program in which the participants can rehearse, with actors and in a controlled environment, how to solve some important situation in their lives. For example, confessing something to friends or family, knowing how a life experience might turn out, etc. Although it may seem crazy, everything that is triggered from it is even more unlikely, but also deeper. This genius comes from the hand of Nathan Fieldercreator of other provocative and hilarious audiovisual works such as Nathan to the rescue (ComedyCentral). But no jewel as polished as this one.

Finally, back to the more conventional (yet equally fun) formats, Abbott College (Hulu) is a hilarious comedy that places us in an elementary school. In it, a group of teachers with very diverse profiles will have to help their students dodge the multiple problems of public education in the US. A scathing criticism of the underfunding of state services, only offset by the vocation of teachers.

And we are going to leave it for today because the summer has given so much of itself that we could be here tangled up for hours and hours. I wish all summers were like this… at least on a purely seriéphile level. Meteorologically, I insist, it has been a disaster: please, let us be aware of climate change because I am starting to feel the heat even inside my cave and with the blinds down. Type free month: do not travel. Stay at home watching series and you will improve your carbon footprint a little. Watching series is being green.

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