Sex scenes in movies that were more entertaining to watch than to star in

Filming sex scenes can often be uncomfortable for the leads and is rarely as sexy as it looks on screen.

Sex scenes in movies are usually included depending on the script. There are all kinds: torrid, wild, calm, romantic, icy, hot, sensual, passionate, dispassionate, with lots of clothes, with few clothes, with frontal nudity, with sheets, without sheets, and we could continue the enumeration. Each reader must surely remember one in particular, either for how well achieved or how ridiculous. It is known that when a sexual scene is required in non-pornographic films, the actors… act and in some cases may resort to body doubles.

Filming sex scenes is not something new, but it is known that there were problematic situations in the past. Some directors and even actors often pressured artists to do things they didn’t want or would later regret. One of the most traumatic situations was the one experienced by Mary Schneider, 19 years old at the time, with Marlon Brando, who was 48, and the director Bernardo Bertolucci in the butter scene. The last Tango in Paris. Although there was no penetration and the rape itself was staged, what happened there (it would be known many years later) was abuse. Because there was an unconsulted and concocted action behind the victim’s back, since the actor and director agreed not to warn the actress what they would do when filming so that she would feel “humiliated.”

For this reason, in recent years, previous conversations between producers, director, actors and the wardrobe department have intensified so that situations of abuse and even discomfort are not repeated or tolerated. The actors describe what part of their bodies they are comfortable showing on screen and what simulated sexual content they are okay with portraying. For the sex scenes, choreographies are put together similar to how a production would prepare for a complicated fight sequence or dance number. In addition, the protagonists are given special garments that provide them with coverage and greater privacy to work. Lastly, when filming a sex or nude scene, only essential crew members and actors are allowed to be present. The actors arrive in robes that they take off only as soon as the action begins and put them back on as soon as they hear “cut”.

When filming an intimate scene all the monitors are turned off.  There's just the director's monitor and focus pullers
When filming an intimate scene all the monitors are turned off. There’s just the director’s monitor and focus pullers

Shower shots are usually complicated because you have to take care not only of the nudity of the actors, but also that the water is at the right temperature all the time, that it has the right flow and clarity to allow filming and that it is hygienic.

With so much care, more than one reader must wonder how sexual intimacy is made credible. That’s where not so much “movie magic” comes in, but rather the perfect combination of rehearsed choreographic movements, camera angles, and strategically placed garments—either underwear or sheets. David Thackerayprivacy coordinator for programs such as It’s a Sin from HBO Y sex education from Netflixcounted on the portal business insider who Depending on how many takes and angles the director wants, it’s possible to finish filming a sex scene in about two hours, especially if “it’s shot handheld, in one position, and it’s just a moment or a flash.”

With thoughtful choreographies and careful details, however, it is already known that “something can go wrong”. There are several Hollywood stars who were encouraged to tell the “behind the scenes” of some sensual moments that they starred in. Scenes that viewers watched and “believed” but that the actors experienced in a much less sexy way than what was seen on the screen.

Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds and strategically placed smiley faces

ryan reynolds he is one of the few actors who manage to attract viewers with his name alone. Famous for his sympathy, he had no problem telling the intricacies he experienced when he filmed an intimate scene with Olivia Wilde in comedy If you were me. “We were in the scene, she’s sitting there and she took her shirt off, I take off her bra and I see she’s got these nipple covers on, but she drew these adorable smiley faces on them… And I forget all the lines of dialogue of the scene, not only of this movie, of all the movies I’ve made in my life,” said the amused actor in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Ryan Reynolds experienced a funny situation when recording an intimate scene with Olivia Wilde (Photo: AP)
Ryan Reynolds experienced a funny situation when recording an intimate scene with Olivia Wilde (Photo: AP)

But the joke continued because Oliva, mischievous, took the actor’s hands and placed them on her breasts. “And then I take my hands away and I look at them and there are two fucking smiley faces painted on them and I have no idea what to do. And, as a reflex, like an idiot, I just put my hands on her breasts.

Dakota Johnson and “I’m bored”

the saga of Fifty Shades of Grey revitalized interest in erotic content. The strange romance between Anastasia Steele Y Christian Grey and their sexual encounters made more than one fantasize and many others smirk. Although the on-screen sex scenes looked sexy, the behind-the-scenes was the opposite. “The truth is that shooting those scenes was the opposite of glamour. Nothing sexy,” he said. Dakota.Jamie Dornan -the co-star- was wearing a little bag that covered his bottoms, and I was wearing sort of strapless thongs attached to mine. Not with glue, but with something sticky like what is used for nipple covers, but for the bottom part”. That did clarify that, when removing the strips, there was no “involuntary hair removal” because they were a kind of post-it.

Fifty Shades of Gray eroticized on the screen and bored the protagonists in real life
Fifty Shades of Gray eroticized on the screen and bored the protagonists in real life

The curious thing is that the sex scenes, far from awakening her fantasies, filled her with tedium. “Shooting two movies in a row, where most of the scenes are the same, over and over again, it got a bit boring,” the actress opened up in CinemaBlend and said that with Dornan they constantly wondered “How are we going to make this damn sex scene is better than the others? When Gray assured “I want your world to start and end with me”, anastasia He was smiling but Dakota surely thought that the only thing he wanted the movie to end was.

Ashton Kutcher, the sex symbol who hated sex scenes

The ex-husband of Demi Moore He was another of the actors who did not have a good time filming an intimate encounter. In 2011 she starred in Friends with benefits beside Natalie Portmana romantic comedy that did not quite convince and that tried to answer the question: Can two people have sex without love getting in the way?

Kuthcer and Portman in "Friends with benefits"
Kuthcer and Portman in “Friends with Benefits”

Considering who her co-star was, more than one must have sent Kutcher. However, the actor acknowledged that she did not have a good time. “We did so many sex scenes that I started to get tired. I never thought that anything about sex could become something that would bore me. You’re there, you’re filming your scene and you think: ‘Do we really have to film another sex scene?’” He opened up and confessed that he felt uncomfortable filming them and that he was looking forward to hearing the “cut”. The problem is that many times, the director asked to film them again, for which he assures “that sex on screen is much more complicated than in real life” and for this reason he clarified that in advance “I apologize if I get excited and I apologize if I don’t get excited.”

Nicolás Cage, self-conscious with Meryl Streep

When in the year 2002, Nicolas Cage filmed The orchid thief with Meryl Streep he was anything but a beginner. Among other films he had already acted in spell of monawith cherin reverse side with John Travoltain An angel in love with meg ryan and won an Oscar for his leading role in Goodbye Vegas.

Nicolas Cage, despite his experience, does not have a good time in intimate scenes
Nicolas Cage, despite his experience, does not have a good time in intimate scenes

Despite his experience and since he was little he knew the secrets behind the scenes – he is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola– finds it embarrassing to star in sex scenes. Her nervousness is so great that it reaches the point that she begins to sweat profusely, according to what he confessed to the magazine tv movies. When in the film directed by Spike Jonze He had to share the scene in bed with Streep, his performance was more worthy of a rookie than an established actor “Shortly before the scene was filmed my hands began to shake, and I began to perspire. We undressed… and on top of that the director complained that I had overreacted the orgasm,” the actor recalled.

If Cage gets nervous with these scenes, so do his assistants. while he was filming The Vampire’s Kiss with Jennifer Bells At the moment when the actress bit her neck, she asked that a masseur -off shot- spread her feet with warm yogurt to “accentuate the feeling of eroticism”. Although more than one was surprised by her request, taking into account that the one requesting it is a man who called his son kal-elIn honor to Supermannothing could be too strange.


Sex scenes in movies that were more entertaining to watch than to star in