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Good thing Halloween is over

Today has been a day of surprises, both pleasant and disappointing. We didn’t expect the new ‘Halloween’ trilogy to end so badly, it’s the first review you’ll find in this post. On the other hand, we’ve had a piece of candy with the dystopia of ‘Vesper’ and learned a lot of curiosities with the documentary ‘Jurassic Punk’.

‘Halloween ends’

I am a clear defender of ‘Halloween night’ and ‘Halloween kills’ and I really wanted to attend the screening of ‘Halloween ends’ and I have been the biggest disappointment of the festival without a doubt. I ask for nothing in these types of movies, I ask for blood, original deaths and a couple of screams. Nothing more. But it is that in ‘Halloween ends’ it takes us almost an hour to see Michael Myers again and we don’t see him in the best version of him. It’s sad that a saga ends, but that it does so badly, it’s even worse.

I do have to say that it has a very good opening sequence, which is surprising and that in the movie theater we have burst into great applause, but from that scene, it seemed that we were watching a movie about life in an American town and that’s it . Being the same director and the writers of the previous ones, it seems terrible to me that they have not followed the path of ‘Halloween Kills’ and have not given us a blood feast. That there is, but too late, when the film does not interest us at all.

commented by Vicky Carras.

‘social distancing’

social distancingA young woman returns to Hong Kong after spending two years in Korea, where her aspiring idol friend has taken her own life while broadcasting it live. The title predicted pandemic cinema, but that is almost like something anecdotal or allegorical. Has the pandemic distanced us or were we already because of being absorbed with our mobiles or limiting our interaction with humans to social networks? It presents us with lost lives, lives that feel empty when the series they are following ends or is cancelled.

In the last section, it puts us in a kind of escape room the size of a building and it is the only curious part. Unfortunately, the game with its horror app is reminiscent of ‘Countdown. The hour of your death. Typical scares of Asian horror movies, digital ghosts, the anonymous cruelty of the networks… Gilitte Leung try to update recent myths and classics with contemporary codes in this decent first film.

commented by Furanu.


Vesper Sitges 2022Environmental and post-apocalyptic science fiction. In this movie civilization has collapsed and pins all its hopes on genetic technology, but it largely fails. The lucky ones live locked up in citadels, the unlucky ones are out trading seeds and blood. With this we already know that a class struggle awaits us.

As soon as we start, the world they want to show us is recreated very well, very similar to that of ‘Annihilation’ either ‘Of love and monsters’. It is a hostile story with a child protagonist, Vesper, who fights to survive with her father, who, being in a vegetative state, accompanies her using a drone as an interface with which she can see and talk to him. The castaway Tom Hanks would have liked more to have had this Wilson. This is just one original idea of ​​many others as the film is loaded with clever details.

It is a work of Bruno Samper Y Kristina Bouzyte, authors in ‘The ABC’s of dead’, not at all simple, emotional, at times lacking in rhythm and far from intellectual antics. It has in its distribution with Eddie Marsan, Rachel Chapman, Richard Brake Y Rosie McEwen.

commented by Furanu.

‘Jurassic Punk’

jurassic-punkI love watching documentaries at the Sitges Festival, you always learn cool things and meet people you had no idea existed. In this case, I knew the character, but not how he ended up. Steve SpazWilliams is a pioneer of computer animation. In 1993, his ‘Jurassic Park’ digital dinosaurs transformed Hollywood. But his way of seeing life and his justice caused him to face the wrong people and that he has not received all the recognition that he deserves.

The truth is that Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams is clear about his mistakes, but also deep down, he knows that he had many successes that were not recognized. In the end, the prizes go to others and he does, money for home, but the recognition goes to others and it shows that it hurts him. In addition, that made him end up without a job because nobody wanted to have someone like that in his company. It’s a shame to see a pioneer end up like this.

In the documentary we see well-known faces, such as Phil Tippett, Robert Patrick, Stefan fangmeier, Jamie Hyneman among many others, who are interviewed giving their opinion about the artist and his behavior.

commented by Vicky Carras.


old sitges 2022A heat wave hits the peninsula and the capital faces a terrible electrical storm. Manuel goes to live in his son’s house with his family after his wife’s suicide. Strange events begin to occur in his new home and everything seems to be his fault.

The movie has a very good and interesting premise. It keeps you in tension with its sound and with the performances of the older actors. On the other hand, the younger cast is overreacted, there are times when you don’t believe them.

Directed by Raul Cerezo Y fernando gomez, both directors of ‘La Pasajera’ show us a somewhat apocalyptic event and we can see that they have had a good budget when the special effects appear. In the distribution we have Paula Gallego, Irene Annula, Gustavo Salmeron and the tremendous Zorion Eguileoralready excited us in ‘The hole’ and here it stands out again.

commented by Vicky Carras.


Watcher Sitges 2022Chloe Okuno, whose most notable work is a segment on ‘V/H/S/94’, is the director of this production distributed in the USA by Shudder. She takes us to Romania, where an actress moves in with her partner, who has a great job opportunity. She is almost always alone in a new country, cut off from any acting opportunity and with rumors of a serial killer stalking her neighborhood. The situation in itself is daunting and soon paranoia and free time begin to take their toll.

‘Watcer’ alludes to the game of glances that the protagonist has with a neighbor who lives right in the building opposite. The atmosphere of the film manages to be disturbing thanks to many games of unfocused camera and very slow and silent chases. Harassment or stalking predominates as it is said now. She feels watched and persecuted, casually or intentionally, who plays this young woman is the same protagonist of ‘It follows’, Maika Monroe.

The disbelief and trivialization on the part of those who surround the young woman, including the police, is difficult to assimilate in the case of a situation of harassment in which there are also suspicions that a serial killer is on the loose. But unfortunately this really happens. Except for the fact of highlighting that factor, the film fails to surprise. Neither does it use Romanian folklore to its advantage, nor does it contribute anything different from other films of psychopaths that besiege their victims. Instead of talking about paranoia or prejudice, play the evidence card and we can guess in advance what the solution is going to be.

commented by Furanu.

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Sitges Newspaper 2022. October 13