Six signs you’re dating a psychopath

Psychiatry defines a psychopath as a person who suffers from antisocial personality disorder and shows patterns of manipulation and violence towards others. So it’s not necessarily a serial killer; it can also be someone who psychologically or physically abuses another person. There are some warning signs for women when they are dating a psychopath… although it must be said that psychopathic women also exist.

1– They are charming, attractive and make you feel very special

For more than a decade, Maddy Anholt had relationships with psychopathic men without realizing it, so she wrote a book called How to Leave Your Psychopath, which is intended as a kind of manual for escaping toxic relationships.

Anholt points out that the first warning sign that you are facing a psychopath is that they are more charming and attractive than average and are willing to learn everything necessary to conquer you, as they are masters of manipulation.

“They can become whatever you need, because they are the best actors in the world,” Anholt wrote in an article for The Sun about his experience. “This is called love bombing. Love bombing could also be shown as being bombarded with endless gifts and expensive weekends or flattering yourself. But the facade falls quickly”, he warns and assures that all psychopaths follow the same cycle with three phases: distinguish their “victim”, devalue it and finally discard it.

2- Then they make you feel that everything is in your head

Once you have fallen into their trap, a psychopath will stop doing the things that make you feel special and when you signal the change they will tell you that you are suffering from paranoia. Little by little it will make your world smaller by indirectly making you isolate yourself from your friends and family. So first they’ll make you feel like the best, but then they’ll get bored, while you’ll feel like a whirlwind is passing over you.

3- They lie compulsively

They have no scruples to lie, manipulate and get away with it. Be very careful if you have noticed that this charming person lies all the time, even if they seem like minor lies.

4- They make you be alert all the time so as not to disturb them

At this point, making an effort not to disturb his moods may be a priority for you. His “soft” comments hide harsh criticisms like: “You’re much prettier without makeup” or “it’s nice that you got a promotion, but maybe someone deserved it more.”

“Your self-esteem will start to erode. You will get used to that feeling of tiptoeing around their moods”, explains the author who calls this stage a “devaluation phase” in which the relationship can last weeks, months, years or decades.

5- They feel above the rules

The ego of a psychopath does not allow them to be told what to do or how to do things. If they react angrily to your suggestion or disregard rules or laws, flash a red light.

6- They have problems controlling their anger

Their outbursts of anger are of such magnitude that they can even attack others or you in a psychological, verbal or physical way. If they’re aggressive once, they’ll be aggressive later, so set limits and don’t go easy on them.

“I spent almost a decade jumping from one controlling relationship to another. When I hit rock bottom, I was soulless and almost lifeless,” Anholt said. He pointed out that the only way to get out of a relationship with a psychopath is to learn to be happy alone and to ask for therapeutic help to resolve patterns.

“You deserve soft, healthy, genuine love. And until that happens, you better find it within yourself before you start looking outside. Seriously, stay away from dating apps,” she concludes.

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Six signs you’re dating a psychopath