Somebody: the dark and disturbing Korean thriller that came to Netflix

It’s been a decade since Kim Young-kwang was part of the series white christmas, as the fearsome Young-jae, to later move on to comedy and romance. But with Somebody returns to his dark side.

What the actor concretes in the chilling role of Seong Yun-ohan architect who hides his true and dangerous personality, guided by violence and psychopathy, far from the usual k-drama.

One of the protagonists of the new original Korean series of Netflixthat moves through the psychological thriller and the drama that guide its eight chaptersimpacting with its unusual history.

Somebody | Netflix

The one that starts focused on Kim Sum (Kang Hae-lim) since she is still a high school student who puts her talents as a programmer at the service of the owner of a clandestine arcade.

A capacity that makes her attract the attention of a mature colleague who a few years later is her employer at Spectrum, where Sum is Somebody’s Head of Development and CTO..

Sum meets the psychopath yun-oh

Somebody | Netflix

The dating app that she started developing in her teens and today it is a success forming couples, although its creator continues to have problems relating to people.

Which leads to having a daily routine that suddenly changes when the app he created begins to be linked to a series of crimes anonymous, where the victims have been strangled.

But thanks to his intellect and data given by other programmers, Sum soon connects via chat with Seong Yun-ohwho, by the way his computer answers, qualifies as non-human.

Somebody | Netflix

And who, as the public and Sum already suspect, is responsible for the deaths that the police are investigating and will continue to claim victims. the same as He establishes a relationship with the protagonist.

Which little by little is revealing details of his personality, such as Asperger’s is part of his life and it is increasingly recurrent that he feels euphoria at his proximity to death.

The other protagonists of the story

Somebody | Netflix

What happens at the same time her best friend Gi-eun (Kim Soo-yeon) reappears in Sum’s life, a perceptive police officer who after an accident is in a wheelchair.

who coincidentally also crosses the path of Yun-oh and after an unusual passage in his company, he just wants to find his whereabouts and exact revenge with the help of Mok-won (Kim Yong-ji).

Somebody | Netflix

A search to which he adds Sum, who is still unaware that the person Gi-eun is looking for is the attractive and psychopathic architect who is now an important part of her existence.

In the combination of facts and characters of one of the darkest, but no less interesting Korean series on Netflix of the last few months, which captures with its disturbing and disturbing story.

What you get with a plot focused on the adult public -because of sex and violence-, where the performances of its leading partner stand out, as well as its setting and a slow, but precise rhythm.

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Somebody: the dark and disturbing Korean thriller that came to Netflix