Stefano Meier, Carlos Thorton and Andrés Vílchez will be the leading men who will compete for the love of ‘Maricucha 2’

The Peruvian actor will share scenes from Maricucha 2 with the young actors Carlos Thorton and Stefano Meier. Video: Paula Elizalde / Infobae

The second season of ‘Maricucha 2′a teleseries ‘Del Barrio Producciones’ premieres this November 15 on the América Televisión signal, but it comes with several novelties, among them, two new leading men who will want to conquer the heart of Maricucha (Patricia Barreto) and would end the romance she has with Renato Corbacho (Andres Vilchez).

Thus, two new suitors will come to the life of the witty Maricucha, the first will be Gregorio (charles thorton) a childhood sweetheart who will be reunited with the protagonist when she goes to visit her mother in ‘Villa Alegre’, Cajamarca.

On the other hand, there will be Doménico Rossi (Stefano Meier) a classmate from the university with whom Maricucha will have a great affinity and will raise doubts in her relationship with Renato. infobae He spoke with them and they will tell a little more about their roles in this successful comedy.

The theater acting student and son of the prominent actor charles thortonwill participate in his first national novel as Gregorio, Maricucha’s childhood love.

He is one of those who will fight for her love, he is a very devoted person to her and he loves her very much. It is her love from her childhood and with him they will be able to see the human and sensitive side of a person in love because the love of his life returns ”, he indicated for Infobae.

In addition, he commented that sharing roles with Patricia is “an incredible experience” and that he will initially have a participation in the first four weeks of the series.

Carlos Thorthon is Gregorio in Maricucha 2. Infobae/Paula Elizalde.

The young actor and composer, son of actors Christian Meier and Marisol Aguirre, will play the role of Doménico Rossi, who will enter the university life of Renato and Maricucha. She and he will form a great friendship, with a lot of chemistry. “He’s a hard-working guy, a good guy and I’m excited for people to know him now.”, he pointed out to Infobae.

Stefano Meier He said that recording the scenes with Patricia is very fun and comfortable. “Patricia is very funny and witty, she is very witty and that makes the recordings very fun. I’ve done comedy before, but this is something different, there’s a lot of play with witticisms, there’s a lot of improvisation. I’m having a great time.”

Stefano Meier is Doménico Rossi in 'Maricucha 2'.  Infobae/Paula Elizalde.
Stefano Meier is Doménico Rossi in ‘Maricucha 2’. Infobae/Paula Elizalde.

Andrew, who plays the role of Renato Corbacho, is deeply in love with Maricucha and to be with her he had to fight against two other suitors in the first season. However, in this second installment, when he is about to begin preparations for her marriage, the intrepid protagonist goes to her town in Villa Alegre.

“He is tremendously in love and has every intention of getting married, but he will have to fight for his love.”, he commented at the press conference.

Maricucha is a young woman who has other priorities and doesn’t like being pressured, which is why she will take refuge in her family, which will be the best way out for her.

Andrés Vílchez in 'Maricucha 2'.  Infobae/Paula Elizalde.
Andrés Vílchez in ‘Maricucha 2’. Infobae/Paula Elizalde.

The story of ‘Maricucha’ which is written by Rita Solf and directed by the noted film director Ani Alvawill have new members to the cast of actors who will enrich the comic series.

Norka Ramirez (Herminia) who will be the mother of Maricucha, in addition to christian dominguez (Vincent) and Mariano Ramirez (Luchito) who will give life to the protagonist’s brothers. Another member of this family is Andrea Alvarado that it will be the cousin Rosmary that will be a rival of Maria Augusta, since it will have a lot of resemblance to her and will be baptized as ‘Maritrucha’.

Finally, a new family will enter, Paul Martin who will play Raymond and have two children (Juliet) Arianna Fernandez and Domenico (Stefano Meier). In addition, it adds Brandon Gallesi who will have a very close relationship with ‘El Gato’ (Miguel Davalos).


Stefano Meier, Carlos Thorton and Andrés Vílchez will be the leading men who will compete for the love of ‘Maricucha 2’