“Stranger Things”, “Better Call Saul”, “Resident Evil”…: What releases on Netflix in July 2022?

What’s new on video on demand platforms in July 2022? puremedias.com offers you a selection of upcoming releases on Netflix.

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Friday, July 1: “Stranger Things”, season 4, volume 2
Continuation and end of season 4 of the Duffer brothers’ series with the posting of the last two episodes, with the duration worthy of a feature film: the final episode will thus last no less than… 2h19. The heroes will continue their fight against Vecna, the villain of this new season whose identity was revealed at the end of the first volume. And it may well be that one or more characters appreciated by Internet users will come to a tragic end… A season 5 is planned for next year on Netflix. This will be the last for “Stranger Things”, before a spin-off already formalized by Matt and Ross Duffer.

Friday, July 1: “Vikings”, season 6, part 2
Better late than never“, quipped Netflix a few days ago by formalizing the release date of the sequel to “Vikings”. It must be said that this new burst of episodes comes a year after the kickoff of season 6 and comes to conclude The series Fans are burning with anticipation to know what will be the fate of Bjorn, left for dead at the end of the first part.

Wednesday, July 6: “Control Z”, season 3
The gang of National High School teenagers, who have made a pact to keep their role in Susana’s accidental death secret, will have a run-in with an anonymous hacker who is determined to complicate their lives. This Mexican series is often compared to “Gossip Girl” or “Elite”.

Friday, July 8: “The Sea Monster”
Netflix’s expertise in animated films is well established. This new film is directed by Chris Williams, to whom we owe “Vaiana” or “The New Heroes”. We follow Jacob Holland, a monster hunter who travels the seas in search of terrifying creatures. He will find in the young Maisie Brumble, who secretly embarks on his ship, an unexpected ally.

Friday, July 8: “Boo, Bitch”
This eight-episode mini-series gives pride of place to dark humor, with Lana Condor, seen in the Netflix romantic comedy “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and Zoe Colletti (“Fear the Walking Dead”). On the program, two previously discreet high school girls will see their daily lives turned upside down by the death of one of them, condemned to wander as a ghost for a fixed period.

Tuesday, July 12: “My daughter’s killer”
This documentary follows the long struggle – decades – of a father to have the murderer of his daughter condemned in France and Germany. Interviews and archive images enhance this story, the production of which was entrusted to Antoine Tassin.

From Tuesday July 12: “Better Call Saul”, continuation of season 6
The sudden death of an important character at the end of the 7th episode set the tone for the sequel. The “Breaking Bad” spin-off will begin its farewell on July 12 since season 6, still worn by Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Rhea Seehorn, is the last and is still broadcast at the rate of one episode per week. For the occasion, actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will return.

Thursday July 14: “Resident Evil, the series”
Chills guaranteed in the heart of summer with this serial version of the famous video game saga. The action takes place in 2022 and 2036, 14 years after the damage caused by the spread of the Joy drug. The heroine, Jade Wesker, struggles to survive in a world overrun by bloodthirsty creatures.

Wednesday July 20: “Virgin River”, season 4
Although she still doesn’t know which of Mark, her deceased husband, or Jack is the father of her baby, Mel is filled with optimism at the start of season 4. She has wanted to become a mother for years and her dream is about to come true. Jack is supportive and enthusiastic, though doubts about his paternity still plague him. To make matters worse, a charming doctor who would like to start a family settles in Virgin River…

Friday, July 22: “The Gray Man”
When the CIA’s most gifted agent (whose identity no one knows) accidentally uncovers the dark secrets of American intelligence, a former fellow killer with psychopathic tendencies puts a bounty on his head. Then begins a manhunt that will put assassins from all over the world on his trail. A film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Regé-Jean Page in the lead roles.

Friday, July 22: “In glass and against all”
Ten craftsmen who are among the big names in the world of glass compete in one of the largest workshops in North America and push the limits of their creativity to win the title of best glassmaker. In each episode, the glassblowers will have to impress the judges if they don’t want to be eliminated.

Wednesday July 27: “The most hated man on the internet”
This three-part documentary mini-series tells the story of a mother’s mission to fight against the “king of revenge porn” after naked photos of her daughter were published on the internet.

“Stranger Things”, “Better Call Saul”, “Resident Evil”…: What releases on Netflix in July 2022?