Stranger Things: the cast in season 1 VS today

Whereas Stranger Things landed on screens in 2016, 6 years passed between the debut and the fourth season finally airing on Netflix. Suffice to say that at these pivotal ages the heroes of the series signed by the Duffer brothers have changed greatly. The proof in pictures.

It’s been 6 years now that the series Stranger Things has entered the life of absolute series lovers. 6 years during which the city of Hawkins has become the scene of funny supernatural events and above all, 6 years that the portals to theUpside Down that haunts the bowels of the earth have been opened. What if we found out elevenMike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and all the others around the age of 12, they are now in full puberty, a key period of many changes.

And these changes are also remarkable in season 4 of Stranger Things. It’s hard to deny that Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo or even Caleb McLaughlin have grown up so well.

Because it is also one of the big challenges of the new season of Stranger Things : succeed in playing with the incredible evolution of the actors who grow up very quickly, and much faster than the chronology of the series. May these photos bear witness to the evolution of season 1 of Stranger Things to the fourth!

Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven in Stranger Things

© Netflix

We start with the heroine of the series: Eleven! Inevitably, Millie Bobby Brown has grown well between season 1 and season 4. Now a teenager in the plot, she approaches at the beginning of the season a pretty haircut which testifies to her evolution!

Finn Wolfhard aka Mike Wheeler

Mike Stranger Thingscast

© Netflix

Did Finn Wolfhard Have Real Baby Traits In Season 1 Of Stranger Things ? Absolutely. We find the face of Mike Wheeler as we knew it at the beginning of the series, far from that of the man that the actor is becoming.

Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin Henderson in the series

dustin stranger things cast

© Netflix

Gaten Matarazzo is one of those people who keep their childish features! 6 years later (or almost) he keeps the same face just in a slightly older version. Disturbing!

Calen McLaughlin aka Lucas Sinclair

Lucas Stranger Thingscast

© Netflix

Hard to deny that Caleb McLaughlin is probably one of those who has changed the most among the cast of Stranger Things. The young boy has experienced a huge growth spurt, he who joins the Hawkins Basketball team and leaves – momentarily – the world of geeks!

Noah Schnapp aka Will Byers in Stranger Things

Will Stranger Things Evolution

© Netflix

We end this nice overview with the one who started it all: Will Byers. Played by Noah Schnapp, he has also experienced great growth between seasons! We also note that his hair is inversely proportional to his growth: the more he grows, the more his bowl cut gets shorter…

Stranger Things: the cast in season 1 VS today