Suicide of Patrick Dewaere: this “bottleneck” which explains his gesture

In 2022, Patrick Dewaere would have been 75 years old. The French actor, who died too soon, is the subject of a special evening this Friday, October 21 on France 5 with the documentary in the first part of the evening Patrick Dewaere, my hero, directed by Alexandre Moix in collaboration with the actor’s daughter, Lola Dewaere. With our colleagues from France Sunday, the director returned to the reason for the importance of his documentary to understand Patrick Dewaere.

2022 mark the fortieth anniversary of death of Patrick Dewaère. L’talented actorcommitting suicide on July 16, 1982 at the age of 35let a terrible void in life of his family and his fansbut also many gray areas in his life, which some are trying to clarify. This is the case ofAlexandre Moix, journalist, author and directorwho has directed the documentary film Patrick Dewaere, my hero, helped by the comedian’s daughter, Lola Dewaere.

Broadcast this Friday, October 21, this documentary helps to better understand personality and behavior of the actor of waltzers. According to the director, interviewed by journalists from France Sundaythis Friday, October 21: “Forty years after his death, it was time, finally, to solve the mystery about his suicide, did he declare. We can’t understand Patrick Dewaere if we don’t have the keys to his shattered childhood.

Alexandre Moix then explained that the abuse suffered by Patrick Dewaere when he was just a child traumatized and followed all his life : “We say to ourselves that he was a little shaken, schizo, psychopath, drug addict, not very clear… but no, actually, he just suffered atrocities as a child. And some, its existence has only been a bottleneck which drove him to suicide” he concludes.

© AGENCY / BESTIMAGEPatrick Dewaere in a party at Fouquet’s in Paris, January 14, 1977

A documentary that almost never saw the light of day

Passionate about the actor and very friendly with his daughter Lola, Alexandre Moix was not yet not sure I can do one day this documentary, and for good reason: “I had already made two films on Dewaere […] but in which I couldn’t say everythingbecause his mother, Mado Maurin, who was still in this world, locked everything, he revealed. She spent her life to cover terrible family secretslike the incests of which Patrick was a victim all his youth.” But the director did not want to budge and clung to his project: I swore to myself to do it againwith Lola who had said to me: ‘We can do it when my grandmother is dead‘. She gave me carte blanche. This movie is like a love letter from a girl to his father.”

The film was finally able to see the light of day. Alexandre Moix and Lola Dewaere even have it taken to Cannesa truly posthumous consecration for the star of Prepare your tissues : “It’s great for my film of course; but also to pay tribute to Patrick Dewaerehe who suffered so much from not having never had a price, did he declare. So somewhere I made him climb the stairsthrough his daughter, and I like to think that it would have moved him.


Suicide of Patrick Dewaere: this “bottleneck” which explains his gesture