SULMONA – “There would be a million things to say about the all-Italian disaster and which concerns the world of prisons in general and Sulmona in particular if we refer to the penitentiaries of L’Aquila. However, I will limit myself to listing those which, if dealt with properly, would at least float a boat that is leaking from all sides such as, for example, the transfer of prisoners (starting from those who attacked colleagues months ago and who still find themselves in the same office) more than the regulatory capacity; greater investment in personal both of the Penitentiary Police and that belonging to the central functions sector and greater funds for the logistics could, if implemented, certainly make oxygen take on the asphyxiated rights of all the players in the field “.

This is how the territorial general secretary begins UIL PA Penitentiary Police of the Province of L’Aquila Mauro Nardella.

“The ECHR imposes sanctions on Italy, as in the case of the Torreggiani sentence, because it does not believe that the rule of law in prisons is exercised according to the schemes represented by international conventions? I wonder why the ECHR itself does not condemn Italy also for the state of abandonment in which the national penitentiaries, including Sulmona, have been left, given that it too would represent torture given that everyone, both prisoners and staff working there, lose out ?”.

In Sulmona you live in a state of chaos general, also due to prisoners who ask to be sent elsewhere because they do not find themselves in that context school and/or university for which the Sulmonese prison had been advertised and their wish was not fulfilled; due to the fact that the DAP extension continues to send psychopathic subjects (the last one yesterday) even though the Peligno prison does not have a structure capable of satisfying their need for treatment and for this reason is unprepared to manage them”.

“What to say about the question concerning the personal if not bad if we refer to their disregarded rights (there are people with more than 200 days of overdue leave), or the number of it present and lacking in every order and degree? What can we say about the percolating logistics that sees the remaining structure as a counterpart to a new pavilion in need of restructuring as well as adaptation to the wishes of the new implementing regulation of the penitentiary order?”.

Peeling walls, moldy showers, floors without tiles and for this reason poorly sanitized; lack as required by the regulation of hot water and showers in the rooms. These just listed are just some of the things that should be addressed but it is not possible to understand why they are not processed”.

“We were assured that they would proceed to open the new pavilion (which fortunately is still closed) moving the inmates from one department to another in order to proceed with the renovation work but to date nothing is known of certainties in this regard. They promised they would restored the plexus where the collaborators of justice are located in a more suitable and secure garrison for videoconferencing (useful for carrying out remote procedural hearings) but nothing is known about its implementability”.

Promises, promises, promises… only to find ourselves with a handful of flies and many more problems in hand. The Northern Minister who we know to be serious, sincere and sincere person come and visit us in Sulmona. Come and listen what we have to say about the policy adopted by one of your departments and especially, come and support us physically and psychologically because we still don’t know when we will still be able to resist. Minister… we are waiting for you!”.