Sylvester Stallone’s 4 Superhero Roles

The four times Sylvester Stallone has become a superhero

The world of the seventh art is full of actors used to playing heroes or villains from the world of comics, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey or Will Smith. However, there are others that, although not as well known for this facet, also have a certain number of interpretations within that genre, as is the case with Sylvester Stalloneprotagonist of this article and actor of the four characters in the films that we analyze below.

Without cape or tights, four films in which Sylvester Stallone is a hero

Demolition Man

In 1993, Sylvester Stallone starred in this movie Marco Brambillawhich takes place in Saint Angels (fusion of Saint Francis Y The Angels), in which he gave life to the agent john spartanwho wakes up in the cryogenic prison that kept him imprisoned for thirty-six years, due to his violent way of solving his cases, and finds himself in a utopian 2032 (totally different from the devastating futures that are usually shown in science fiction movies ) that he does not understand, but in which he is needed, since the psychopath simon phoenix he has also been awakened and his methods have not changed at all.

Originally, john spartanbetter known by the nickname Demolition Manit was not a comic character, but DC adapted the story to the ninth art, with Gary Cohn in the script and Rod Whighham, fat dick Y Frank McLaughlin in the drawing, except the cover, which is made by Kevin Maguire.

Some might think that john spartan He cannot be considered a superhero, since he is a police officer who does not have any special powers or secret identity. However, his violent case-solving has put him on the fringes of the law, and like most comic book superheroes, he has a code name, so it seems fair to call him one.

Judge Dredd

For his part, the Judge Dredd did have its origin in the world of comics, since it first appeared in 2000 AD #2 (1977), scripted by John WagnerDraws of Carlos Ezquerra and early development of Pat Millswhere it is made clear that in the city of mega citycity of an apocalyptic future, the judges They also act as police officers, juries and executioners.

Sylvester Stallone he played it in the movie Judge Dredd (1995), under the direction of Danny Cannon, in which he showed off the rudeness that he usually shows in all his performances. However, the film has a small inconvenience, since the actor appears with his face uncovered during almost the entire footage, something that does not happen with the comic book character, in which nobody knows what face he has. However, in 2012, when Karl Urban replaced him, as the lead in the film Dreddthis aspect of the character was respected.

Although acting under the charge of Judge, fans of the comic character have no problem recognizing him as a superhero, since he uses special weapons and fights for justice. In addition, although everyone knows his name, it could be said that he has a secret identity, since his face is not known.

Judge Dredd poster


The Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared in the comic Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (1969), written by arnold drake and drawn by Gene Colan. Among the members of the original group, is the protagonist of this section.

In the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two (2014), Sylvester Stallone interprets stakaralthough not as a member of the group of superheroes, but as one of The Reavers. It seems that she will repeat the role in the third part.

He may not be exactly a superhero in the movies, but the character he plays was one in the world of comics, so his presence on this list is more than justified.



We finish our review of the superhero roles played by Sylvester Stallone with this film directed by julius avery, which, unlike the other three mentioned above, has not had a comic version, neither before nor after its premiere on the platform (at least, for now). However, here we can consider him more integrated into that role, even if it is in the low hours of the character.

In Samaritan, Sylvester Stallone brings to life a garbage man named Joe who just wants to be left alone, something that doesn’t fit with his neighbor’s wishes Sama boy who just wants the hero to come back.


We already said at the time that, from a certain age, there are actors who have begun to play calmer roles, while others seem not to be affected by the passage of time -or at least, they do not notice it-. Sylvester Stallone he seemed to belong to the second group, but it is possible that this film is his initial stepping stone to the first.

Sylvester Stallone’s 4 Superhero Roles