The 11 most shocking serial killer movies you can watch right now

The crime movies they have the power to capture our attention for as long as necessary, without being able to go to bed in peace until we have found out who the murderer is. Therefore, it is no coincidence that some of the best movies in the history of cinema are of this genre.

If we talk about serial killers, their power of attraction is even greater. The motivations of serial killers are never so clear, they are unpredictable and that makes never get the feeling that no one is safe…not even the police or investigators.

if you want to avoid have a rough time, we strongly advise you NOT to watch the following movies. But beware, if you see one… they may become addictive.


  • Director: Alejandro Amenabar
  • Year: nineteen ninety six
  • Country: Spain
  • Where to see: Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar, Flix Olé, RTVE

Alejandro Amenabar He surprised all of Spain in 1996 when he premiered, at only 23 years old and without having finished his degree, this horror story shot in the corridors of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid.

A film student (Ana Torrent) wants to do a thesis on violence in the audiovisual world… but she will discover that, in her own faculty, there have been cases of real murders for snuff movies… and anyone could be the suspect.

José Luis Cuerda trusted the young promise and produced this film, with a handling of suspense worthy of Hitchcock, which launched the successful career of Amenábar.


  • Director: David Fincher
  • Year: nineteen ninety six
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: HBO Max

One of David Fincher’s most acclaimed films, Seven (or Se7en), has two exceptional protagonists, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freemantwo detectives who must collaborate to catch a serial killer with a macabre common thread that unites all his crimes: the seven deadly sins (gluttony, lust, pride, greed…).

One of the best movies to come out of the ’90s, proving Fincher to be a master behind the camera, and a big part of making Seven so effective is the oppressive, leaden staging, which makes every viewing weigh down. like the first, even knowing how it ends.

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  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Year: 1960
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: filmin

Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous film, Psycho, is a classic thanks to the performances of Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, its music and soundtrack, and without a doubt his script twistone of the best in the history of cinema.

Hitchcock is considered the master of suspense and thrillers, like Rear Window, The Birds, Vertigo or Frenzy (another, more modern, highly recommended serial killer movie).

But Psycho was the most special, because it is also considered the beginning of the genre of slasherthe horror film in which a psychopath brutally murders teenagers (usually with unleashed hormones), to which modern horror classics such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream.

The Minimal Island

Review of The Minimal Island with Raúl Arévalo and Javier Gutiérrez
  • Director: Alberto Rodriguez
  • Year: 2014
  • Country: Spain
  • Where to see: Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, Movistar Plus+

One of the films that has won the most at the Goya Awards (it won 10 awards out of 17 nominations), this thriller was compared at the time as “True Detective to the Spanish” by the sullen personalities of the protagonists and its extreme setting, in the marshes of the Guadalquivir.

La Isla Mínima is set in a town in Seville in the early 1980s, and two policemen, Raúl Arévalo and Javier Gutiérrez, are sent to investigate the disappearance of two teenagers, last seen getting into a car on their way back from the fair. .

In addition to the twists and surprises typical of crime films, The Minimal Island stands out for its his incredible photography of the Guadalquivir wetlands and the sociopolitical subtext of the two protagonists, completely opposed ideologically, in a rural context still anchored to the past.

The silence of the lambs

The silence of the lambs
  • Director: Jonathan Deme
  • Year: 1991
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: Prime Video

The doctor. Hannibal Lecterborn in the pages of the novels of Thomas Harris, has had many adaptations to film and TV, but no interpretation is as remembered as that of Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, in an interpretive duel with Jodie Foster.

Foster plays Clarise Starling, an FBI agent who interrogates Lecter, a closeted psychopath and cannibal, to catch another killer, Buffalo Bill. A film that, despite the passing of the years, remains just as tense and exciting.

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God forgive us

God forgive us
  • Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Year: 2016
  • Country: Spain
  • Where to see: Prime Video, Netflix

Rodrigo Sorogoyen produced another tense Spanish thriller that, like La Isla Mínima, has two policemen as protagonists (Roberto Alamo and Antonio de la Torre) who are not swallowed, but who must hunt down a serial killer who preys on old women.

All this, in a suffocating summer in Madrid in 2011, the year of 15M and the visit of the Popewith a million and a half pilgrims in the streets of the capital and a lot of pressure so that this matter does not come to light.

Before making Antiriot, one of the most impressive Spanish series, Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña showed how good they were at thrillers with May God forgive us, a highly recommended thriller… but like all serial murder movies, also very hard.

The name of the rose

The name of the rose
  • Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Year: 1986
  • Country: West Germany (FRG)
  • Where to see: Filmin, Fubo TV

The Name of the Rose is one of the most widely read novels in history, and shortly after its publication, French director Jean-Jacques Annaud adapted the text from Umberto Echo in a co-production starring Sean Connery and a teenage Christian Slater.

Set in an Italian abbey in the 14th century, Connery plays Friar William of Baskerville, a Franciscan monk who investigates a series of murders among the monks.


  • Director: James Wan
  • Year: 2004
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: Netflix, Prime Video, Movistar Plus+, Rakuten TV

One of the most influential horror sagas of the 2000s, introduced us to Jigsaw, perhaps the most macabre serial killer in the history of cinemawho ties his victims into quarters and forces them to shoot each other so that one of them escapes.

Jigsaw puts his victims in extreme situations and perhaps they have no choice but to mutilate themselves to escape… although the puzzle killer will always be several steps ahead. The saga has 9 films, each one more shocking and gore.

Funny Games

Funny Games
  • Director: Michael Hanke
  • Year: 1997
  • Country: Austrian
  • Where to see: Not available for streaming

Michael Haneke, the Austrian director known for The Pianist, The White Ribbon or Love directed this sadistic domestic thriller that it is better not to spoil… but in its premiere at Cannes in 1997 caused some people to leave the roomscandalized by its violence, although Haneke has defended that the film is a criticism of violence in the media.

The cliché of “I can’t believe he’s a murderer, he was always smiling at the neighbors on the street” seems made for this movie. In 2008 Haneke directed an American remake exactly the same, with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth.

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No country for old men

No country for old men
  • Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
  • Year: 2007
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar Plus+

This Oscar-winning film by the Coen brothers has one of the most magnetic interpretations of Javier Bardemwho transforms into a hit man tasked with recovering lost money from a drug deal, chasing Josh Brolin and chased by Tommy Lee Jones.

Due to scheduling problems, Bardem almost had to leave the movies and we would have stayed without seeing his Anton Chigurh, one of the greatest villains in movie history and a psychopath who gives us goosebumps without a fuss… even with that hairstyle.



THE BATMAN is HUGE! REVIEW without spoilers in 2 minutes

  • Director: Matt Reeves
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: USA
  • Where to see: HBOMax

The latest Batman movie has left the gods and monsters for other superheroes, and has focused on the detective aspect of the character, taking inspiration from the thrillers of the 70s of “New Hollywood” and Hitchcock’s cinema, both in plot and photography.

Matt Reeves also owes a lot to Fincher and achieves an atmosphere that is more like Seven than to the Justice League movies, with Paul Dano playing the Riddler, a villain inspired by the Zodiac killer and that gropes the “body horror” of Saw in some moments.

The 11 most shocking serial killer movies you can watch right now