The 7 most hated TV series characters: the complete ranking

TV series have the power to bring out our darkest sides, often making us fall in love with the so-called villains who, even if they have the traits of the villains, are incredibly charming.

Some examples? The most classic could be that of Walter White in Breaking Bad or Berlin in La Casa de Papel.

Similarly, however, there are many other characters who generate a sense of hatred in usoften unmotivated. These are those who, in most cases, are the antagonists of our favorites.

But what is the ranking of the 7 most hated TV series characters? Often these are actors who have the ability to immerse themselves very well in the part of these unbearable characters who, in most cases, present themselves as sociopaths, annoying and manipulative.

The most hated characters of the tv series: Oliver in The OC

It’s not the most hated character ever, because we’re keeping that one in store for the grand finale, but Oliver certainly didn’t attract the sympathy of many viewers.

But for what reason?

Oliver had been seen at an early stage as a decidedly intriguing characterbut in a short time he has disappointed all expectations due to his obsession, like a psychopath, for Marissa.

In this case, as in other examples that we will see, we speak of a liar, manipulator And ready for everything in order to crown his dream, to be with Marissa.

Still, the reason Oliver is so hated by audiences at home is that no one in the show seems to realize who he is.

2: Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones

A second character who has certainly not received sympathy is Joffrey Baratheon who, obviously, could not be missing from our list.

It is a character who he was shown to be cruel from an early agewhich has damned many beloved characters within the saga, especially Sansa, played by Sophie Turner.

In short, Joffrey Baratheon represents everything we would never want to meet on our way: a petty and downright violent tyrant.

In fact, the character enjoys himself through physical and, above all, psychological torture, just for fun. All of this leads us to hate him.

Characters hated in TV series: Brad Bellick in Prison Break

A cliché, which however deserved a mention in the list of the most hated characters in TV series. We’re talking about Brad Bellick, the sadistic prison guard of Prison Break.

In fact, man exploits his position of power to play a double game and is characterized by his inordinate ego, which often leads him to perform wrong actions.

Although he is one of the few characters who truly regrets what he has done, he has not yet received public approval.

Janice Soprano, the most hated character in the TV series The Sopranos

In a television series about mobsters, spies and traitors, can there really be a hated character? Well yes and this title was “won” by Janice Soprano, Tony’s sister.

What are the reasons that led the public to hate her so deeply? Surely the fact that it is asocial upstart who acts only for his own personal gaineven with family members.

At the same time, the character is also sloppy and vulgar, characteristics that have drawn scorn from the public.

Fifth place for Tokyo in La Casa de Papel

Love it or hate it, Tokyo is truly a controversial character that has attracted the dislikes of many viewers.

Although many could overshadow his attitudes, the character turns out to be really unbearable in many situations.

Undisciplined, provocative, impulsive, a real loose cannon: in this way we could define the character of Tokyo.

Well, it is always Rio who pays the price for all this, another protagonist of the TV series in love with her, who will also find himself in jail.

Karen from How I Met Your Mother: A really hated character

If you think of a TV series woman who would really make anyone hate you who do you think of? Surely if you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother Karen’s name will have crossed your mind.

A snobbish and haughty girl who poses as a lover of culture but who, in reality, just wants to show off.

Also, let’s talk about the one who betrays Ted, manipulates him and makes him completely under her thumb. In short, a person that we all would never want to know.

Gold medal of the most hated characters of TV series: Skyler White

The one who wins the prize for the most hated character of the TV series is Skyler White, wife of the protagonist of Breaking Bad, Walter White.

Despite the immense difficulties this woman faces within the TV series, her attitudes did not please the public at all.

For example, her reaction to Walt’s illness has left everyone stunned, as has her passive-aggressive connotation that accompanies her from episode to episode.

The climax comes with the betrayal, combined with her delusions of protagonism and the attitudes of a true diva that make her, to all intents and purposes, the most hated character of the TV series.

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The 7 most hated TV series characters: the complete ranking